Buy a customizable Fiverr clone script for your job marketplace business


Planning to develop a platform to help entrepreneurs develop their business? Want to provide job opportunities for freelancers? You can do so by developing an online job marketplace app. It will be beneficial for business owners, employers, and freelancers. You can obtain the help of the app development firms available in the market to build an app like Fiverr for your business. These Fiverr clone apps are affordable and can be launched in a few days. Here, we will have a glimpse at what the app package should include:

Freelancer app(Android and iOS app):

Freelancers should be able to download the app and install it on their Android and iOS devices. They can then sign up with the app and build a profile for themselves. They must be able to search for jobs and apply quickly via the app. Freelancers should be allowed to pay the admin and get listed on the featured list to obtain job opportunities easily. 

Employer app(Android and iOS app):

Employers should also have an individual app with all the respective features required. The app should be compatible with major platforms. Employers must be able to register with the app and specify the required project details. They should be able to contact the suitable freelancers via the in-app chat feature. Apart from this, there are many more advanced features that can be included in the app. 

Admin panel:

The admin should be able to log in to their panel, and a set of tools should be available to help them manage the entire process effectively. The admin will have access to all data, resolve disputes, cut-down commission, and more. 

Dedicated website:

An attractive website should also be built for your job marketplace business. Users should be able to search for opportunities via the website also. Customize the job of finding a website to fit your needs and allure more users. 

To conclude:

Build your Fiverr clone app with the best developers in the market and develop a successful brand in no time. Integrate all the features and launch the app on multiple niches. Initiate the development process now. 


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Written by Kevin jack

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