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Which prunes? Plums are called differently. But is the same type of fruit Oh … don't be confused. Prunes are plums that are dried. As for which one is the name Chinese people call plums, the multicolored berry prunes are known to have powerful constipation benefits. But the benefits of prunes are not just that. There are many benefits of this fruit. To the point that it is rated as one of the fruits that girls should not miss.

Various benefits of prunes for women's health

Relieve menstrual cramps

          What about that day of the month? Women have lost quite a bit of blood. But if we eat prunes Which is rich in iron will help synthesize hemoglobin in red blood cells. And improves the blood flow to the body In addition, prunes also contain magnesium. That help regulate normal hormones And can help relieve menstrual pain But you need to eat prunes 1-2 days before menstruation to get results like this. The next month, before menstruation, don't forget to buy prunes to eat.

Lose weight

          Which girls are losing weight? And looking for fruit that will help you lose weight I recommend prunes. Because prunes are low in calories, one small prune provides about 23 kcal of energy only. Plus, prunes contain soluble fiber that keeps you full and fuller for a long time.

          The efficacy of prunes for weight loss has been researched by the University of Liverpool, England to certify that it can actually help you lose weight. After trying 100 obese people who control the diet according to the weight loss plan. Eat prunes every day. Women ate 140 grams per day, while men ate 171 grams per day for 12 weeks. As a result, this group lost 2 kg in weight and 2.5 cm in waist circumference.

          However, people who are losing weight should not be too eager to eat prunes because if they eat too much, they may become obese as well. It will also cause diarrhea. Which the recommended amount should be eaten is no more than 10-12 results a day only

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