Ambulance Service in Bangalore

Ambulance Service in Bangalore

Dead body transport ambulance: 

Call Anthyesti Funeral Services for Dead Body Van!

Death is uncertain but a truth of life. It can happen anywhere, and you need a vehicle to carry the body of the deceased. A dead body van is used for carrying the deceased person from hospital to home or from home to the cremation ground. In times of grief, it can be difficult for the family to look for a dead body carrying van.

It is here that Anthyesti Funeral Services comes into the picture. We can help in arranging the funeral services and every element related to it. This includes the van for dead body, as well. All you need to do is simply make a call to avail the services. You can also book van for dead body online from our website. When you

Emergencies are untimely and unpredictable. As a responsible human we need to be prepared with the best of all the information with regards to the emergency. Your alert mind and sense could save a life, you never know. In an emergency scenario you need to have the best life savers whom you could look up to. After all life is very precious and need to be saved whether it is your loved one or unknown.

You can know that an ambulance service is good or not based on the following criteria:

  1. Prompt and timely service.
  2. Polite and humble attitude of the transporter and the service provider.
  3. How carefully the patient is handled.
  4. Driving abilities and traffic sense.
  5. Above all how responsible the transporter feels towards carrying the patient to the nearest hospital.
  6. Well quipped and maintained ambulance vehicle.

At Anthyesti, we are the reliable service providers to serve our customers in times of emergency. Upgraded and well-equipped ambulance with different facilities for various emergencies are put forth at your service. Our ambulance service is available 24 hrs all 7 days.

Which is the best dead body ambulance service in Bangalore

The loss of a loved one comes with a lot of grief and heartbreak. And it becomes more challenging and mentally disturbing when it comes to making all the necessary last rites arrangements or to depend on relatives to make the necessary arrangements.

Anthyesti funeral services provide the necessary dead body ambulance service with just one call. It is the best dead body ambulance service provider in Bangalore with a well-trained staff. Anthyesti funeral services provide well equipped and well maintained dead body ambulance service and are available 24/7.

Anthyesti funeral services have co-operative and responsible staff who engages with compassion and respect at this time while being professional and timely.

 Anthyesti funeral service is the end-to-end service provider for last rites right from arranging dead body ambulance, to embalming, to providing a freezer box, to arranging for a shraddh priest and catering for shraddh.


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