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A Draw wire encoder reacts to movement along away, while a revolving encoder reacts to rotational movement. The encoder is commonly classified by the methods for its yield. A steady encoder produces a train of heartbeats which can be utilized to decide position and speed. We have flat out encoder creates exceptional piece designs to follow positions linear forwardly. A linear encoder is a sensor, transducer or perusing head connected to a scale that encodes position. The sensor peruses the scale and changes over the situation into a simple or advanced sign that is changed into a computerized readout. Development is resolved from changes in position with time. Draw wire encoder is both optical and magnetic direct encoder types work utilizing this sort of strategy. Draw wire encoder, it is their physical properties which make them extraordinary.


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These sensors are widely used in Plastic injection moulding machines, Hydraulic press, Sheet metal working machines, CNC machines and etc. Our linear sensors, linear potentiometer, press brake linear scale are cost economic and reliable.


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