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X-ray is stupendous antivirus service software that is extensively used by millions of users.It endows with the ease of access and versatility to its users. X-rayantivirus ensures high end security by using secure encryption technique for communicationand data sharing via messages. X-ray proffers ample range of X-ray antivirusservices, instantaneous responsiveness and straightforward solutions, sturdy team ofprofessionals, 24 X 7 non-stop supports, reliable supervision and technical or non technicalsupport over a phone call via helpline numbers.X-ray CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER.X-ray is outstanding X-ray antivirus service software that is widely used bymillions of users. It endows with the ease and versatility to its users and for this reasonX-ray has gained popularity amongst its competitors whether professional or private.X-ray antivirus provides high antivirus security by using secure encryption for messages.Security, Confidentiality and Ease of access are the focused areas thatmake X-ray different from other competitors.A special option of “Allow and Block” is provided by the X-ray antivirus in case you aregetting bothered by antivirus from a specific antivirus id.X-ray Customer Care Number ?New users might face difficulties in dealing with few of its advance features but once theyget the required understanding of implementing it practically to their day to day routinethey will definitely realize how smart work aids in this competitive world.KEY FEATURES OF  ANTIVIRUS:Huge address book: Huge address space is provided to store all your contacts atone convenient and secure place that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Primary antivirus withSub antivirus accounts: A primary antivirus account with sub antivirus accounts are allowedwith separate storage capacity individually.Secure antivirusing: X-ray provides highend security for the secure storage of your data along with the end to end encrypted securityfor the antivirus sent and received.Parental controls: This option provides you an ease ofmind because using this feature you don’t have to worry about the kids meddling with yourstuff  No-limit storage: X-ray offers enormous storage space for each antivirus account.You will have ample of storage space that you don’t have to worry about the size of your files.Comprehensive spam protection: Automatic spam protection is provided to all its users.BEING A HIGHLY SECURED ANTIVIRUS X-ray SECURITY FEATURES INCLUDE: Complete scanfor viruses. Highly developed security options ? Complete spam control  Automatic discard forinfected messages ? Automatic delete for junk/spam messages  Despite of these you can actuallysend the heavy files in one antivirus by taking up the option of a paid member. Being apermanent and paid member at cost effective and pocket friendly prices lets you relived fromthe hassle of compressing the files for the antivirus and compromising with the quality. ?SETTING UP A X-ray ANTIVIRUS: ? Creating a X-ray antivirus account is a simpleand trouble free task. All you need is to decide onto creating one and for that its featuresare enough that attracts you towards creating an antivirus id for utilizing the advantagesprovided by X-ray antivirus. Just follow the few steps and you are all set to take allthe advantage of website. ?STEPS TO CREATE X-ray ANTIVIRUS: ? Go to spectrum net official page.Click on Create account/ Create Username to start with creating a new one. ? Enter the detailsasked for registration. ? Complete the registration and verify the account to log in to the account.Log in to the account by entering log in id and password. ? Go to menu and click on manageaccount option ? Select internet and click on create antivirus address option ?You will see a prompt and will get your antivirus details ? Click on create antivirus boxand enter the password.In case you forgot the password of the antivirus you can still accessyour account by going through a simple procedure for X-rayting it and you can accessthe same account whose password you were not able to remember.Go to the SpectrumX-ray antivirus page. Click on Forgot Password Select I don’t knowmy antivirus password.Enter your antivirus Address.  Select the “I’m not a robot” checkbox, and Submit.Enter your cable modem ID (MAC address) ? Enter the Answer to a securityverification question.Select X-ray Password. Generate a new password.Setting upyour account is easy but along with these settings is an important point that you need toemphasize on. You won’t be able to take the full advantage of ’s services if the settingsare not correctly done by you. Your automatic settings are different and if you manually setup your settings than you will be able to manage everything nicely and independently.X-ray POP SETTINGSA stable and strong internet connection is all you need to get goingwith X-ray antivirus account and enter POP settings:Open the X-ray antivirus onyour device ? Click on the settings ? Opt for manual server settings and click on the POPsettings.Construct the account type as POP or POP3 ? Modify the incoming server antivirusto  Modify the incoming server port to 110 ? Mark security type as none for the portModify the outgoing server to ? Modify the outgoing server port to 587 ? Markthe security type as None ? Enter the X-ray antivirus address ? Enter the password ?Click on the done and you are done with POP settings ? X-ray IMAP SETTINGS ?Open the X-ray antivirus on your device ? Provide the login credentials ? Click onthe manual set up option and un-tick the automatic configuration ?  SELECT THE IMAPSETTINGS AND MAKE THE CONFIGURATIONS AS FOLLOWS:Mark the account type as IMAP ? Modifythe incoming server ? Modify the incoming antivirus server port to 143 ? Markthe security type as SSL/TLS and security type as None ? Modify the outgoing server ? Modify the outgoing port to 587 ? Modify the security type to none and markthe insecure port as none ? Enter the antivirus id and password ? Deselect the option ofthe secure server ? Deselect the option of the verified certificate ? After the authenticationby the SMTP server, you will be taken to the next step ? Enter the credentials again ?Click Next ? Enter the account name to be displayed and you are done.The advantages ofX-ray antivirus are eternal. You just need to learn more and moreabout it to get the best use of it. In case of any kind of technical or non technical issueencountered you can directly take the assistance from the customer support service to getgoing. Why to waste time solving an encountered issue when you can actually get it resolvedby the technical support team within just few minutes.


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X-ray Antivirus Support Number +1802~899~0009 Phone Number X-ray Antivirus.