Five Ways To Brand Yourself Better With Voice Process

Although companies walk several miles extra to get better with customer service or outbound marketing, there will always be a need for a quality voice process to take care of inbound and outbound requirements. 2020 has been an unstable year, and with work at home becoming the new normal, calling teams have to adapt to new situations while getting success with calling or answering to requests.

Here, we have put together five ways in which companies can brand themselves better though voice communication channels and processes.

1.Impove your cold calling skills

Ok, we get that cold calling is dead, but what we imply here is calling the person for the first time after receiving his or her consent over online materials. Many successful companies depend on cold calling to drive greater ROI. Whether they are high-growth startups or Fortune 500 companies, they all have teams of sales representatives dialing numbers and receiving calls all day. To improve your cold calling skills, use a sales script that summarizes your pitch first so that your customers or clients are prepared about what you are going to say next. Use tested techniques, methods and processes to get success with the voice process.

2. Make the opening line personal

Just by making a slight change in your typical greeting from ‘Hello’ to something in the language of the customer, for example – ‘Hola! Señor’ if your customer is Spanish. Or, any festive greeting when holidays are nearing can significantly increase your chances of ending the sales call with conversion. Customized greeting not only shows that you have invested time in research and giving your best to make the first right impression.

3. Pay attention to customer experience

The whole idea of a contact center is to understand customers so that better services can be offered. However, this is often overlooked as calling agents get caught up with myriads of tasks and other challenges every day. Whether working on inbound customer care or outbound sales, voice process agents should be given access to customer information, their previous conduct with your company or their shopping patterns. This will help frame a customized pitch. Consider providing ongoing training to agents, reward them for their marvelous performance, encourage agents to go ‘off the script’ when required.

4. Utilize “micro moment” effectively

On Google you will find a lot has been said about ‘micro moments’ – small windows of opportunity where a prospective customer shows some interest or takes some action which can be beneficial for the company if the conversation is directed in the right way from that point. Keep necessary information handy in order to answer any question and the most unexpected requests.

5. Don’t speak negative about your competitive brands

The way you can earn respect as a brand is by never bad-mouthing your competition. It paints an unpleasant picture of you when you defame your rivals. It’s also considered unprofessional. Instead of talking about competitors’ loopholes, ask voice process reps to highlight your strengths. Even if the customer or client does bring up your competitors, the agent should avoid making any bad comment about another brand while remaining polite and courteous.

Hope these five tips help you build your brand better through voice communication.


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