Broom Your Way to Fabulous Obliques

Brooms are well known for doing chores.  DXN Code Strike Review  You pick this useful tool to clean your floors and tidy up your living room or any room in the house for that matter. Now, your old broom stick can actually be your tool for exercising. So after you clean up your room, don’t lose hold of that broom and start working on your oblique muscles with it.

This exercise is called the Broom Twists. The main feature of this routine is that it exploits the twisting activity that your oblique muscle is for. With the added tool that is the broom that is placed over your shoulders, you will be placing more focus on your oblique muscles. Of course when you are in the gym, you would not like being seen with a broom over your shoulders, right So when in the gym, where all other fitness enthusiasts are looking over your shoulder, use a barbell instead. With a barbell, you will surely place this routine up a notch. At least when you’re at home and cannot afford a barbell, you have your good old broom to still help you do your workout. You can actually do this routine with any pipe or stick that’s long enough to mimic a barbell.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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