Don't Quit the Gym Because You Never Gain Muscle – Find Out the Secret to My Success

Keep a Workout Journal – Just do it!

If you aren’t keeping track of every set, rep, and exercise DXN Code Strike Review  then how are you supposed to gauge your progress and push your body to new levels? This is one of the easiest and most effective tools that you must do to make constant progress building muscle and strength. When you lift weights you put a level of stress on your muscles and they are forced to adapt to the stress. If you continually stress them to the exact same degree each time they will never grow.

A workout journal forces you to push yourself a little harder each time. For example if you did 4 sets of pull-ups for 9,8,6, and 4 reps with exactly a 1 minute rest in between sets you will have done a total of 31 reps in an exact allotted time frame. The next workout you need to do more than 31 reps to force your body to grow. If you end up getting stuck and do only 31 reps again then add 1 more set. The timeframe will have increased but at least the workload in total weight lifted also increased and this is absolutely necessary to build muscle from week to week.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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