New Proton Saga 2019 adds new value to everyone!

Proton Saga 2019 has only three models, namely Standard MT, Standard AT and Premium AT. There are no daytime running lights on the Standard version. Only the top version has daytime running lights. The body color is basically the same as the 2019 Persona, the main color is the same Moroon Colour, and this time we got the spy photos of Moroon Colour models, and we can see that the 2019 Saga adopts the same as the 2019 Persona on the rear of the car. The design looks pretty good overall.

The following is a simple analysis from various angles:


In terms of size, the new Saga is the same as the old model, with a length of 4,331 mm, a width of 1,689 mm, and a height of 1,491 mm. The wheelbase remains at 2,465 mm.


In terms of appearance, basically the small facelifted Saga will introduce the same new-generation Proton design elements as the small facelifted Persona, including the “infinite weave” radiator cover, and the Proton wordmark rear design, and replace it with Persona. The same style of rear bumper design. The Saga logo has been repositioned on the lower right corner of the boot to make the look cleaner. The rear fog lights on the new Saga have also been removed. On the side is a set of 15-inch alloy wheels with five double-spoke designs.


The changes in the interior are the instrument panel, gearshift lever and audio console. The instrument panel uses the same monochrome screen as the Exora RC and Iriz / Persona entry version, but the display information and design are better than the Saga before the minor facelift. Much. Secondly, Saga’s audio console adopts the same design as the Iriz entry version in the Standard version. The Premium version has a touch-screen console, but does not support Hi Proton, but has an easy connection function, which allows the phone to use mirror output on the screen. .


The new Proton Saga will be equipped with two airbags in the whole car. The Standard version has added ABS. The top version has ESC, slope start assist, reversing imaging and front parking radar. The new Saga has indeed improved a lot! The new Saga will continue to be equipped with a 1.3L Campro VVT engine, but the gearbox has been changed from the original Punch CVT to a 4-speed automatic transmission, and the S mode has been added. I believe it will perform better in terms of power connection.


2019 Saga continues to be equipped with a 1.3L Campro VVT naturally aspirated engine, but the gearbox is changed from the original Punch CVT to a 4-speed automatic transmission, and the S mode is added, so the dynamic performance of the Saga will be slightly changed. The model has made a lot of progress before, and the official fuel consumption performance is 6.5L/100 km, while the current Saga is 5.6L/100 km. If there is no surprise in the maximum horsepower performance, the maximum horsepower is 92 Hp and the peak torque is 120 Nm.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the new Saga has also received improvements and stronger braking from the Iriz/Persona duo.

Source: More information, you can find in Wapcar.


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Written by John Smith


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