Mass Death and the Law of Karma

I used to think that mass death is due to the planetary combinations.  5 Minute Manifestation Review  In a way it is the angle to be looked about. But then if we take the whole world as one unit then what is done by one nation affects other nations. It is not only for climate change but also for other events. The action of one Indian state will affect the life of people of other states.

I shall give series of examples which will help us to understand the law of karma operating in the mass level. Take the case of Iraq war. After the war we had major tsunami and crash of financial markets. Farmer suicides in India and the prices rise of essential commodity. Pakistan earth quake after the Pakistani action over India. Chinese earth quake and the breakage of river in china after the Dalai Lama protests. 26/11 in USA and fighting between Taliban and Pakistani people. Burmese rains was due to military rule which was opposed by people whole heartedly. The action of men of history had tremendous impact. Take the case of Lord Macaulay's action of banning Indian culture and arts. If you see now most of the western kids do not study. The caste ideology of Brahmins of the past has led to them being treated as outcastes in their own country.


What do you think?

Written by lenna



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