The Transformational Road Of Land Rover Range Rover

In the eyes of many people, Land Rover is often synonymous with the Defender model. Moreover, the Defender model is known as the sturdy SUV with the best off-road performance in its class. However, the Defender model is often criticized for its focus on off-road performance and lack of comfort. It is for this reason that Land Rover also launched another SUV Range Rover as an alternative. This car not only has the same excellent off-road performance as the Defender SUV, but also enhances the user-friendly and simple driving characteristics and comfort by emphasizing functions.

  • The path of deformation

In 1948, three years after the launch of the Land Rover Series I, Land Rover (the origin of the Land Rover manufacturer) planned to use the Road Rover concept car developed by Gordon Bashford and Spen King in 1951 to build a larger SUV.

From 1958 to 1966, due to Bashford and King participating in the development of another series of products, the car was discontinued. The first Land Rover Range Rover prototype was produced in 1967 under the code SYE 157F.

Three years ago, the Range Rover was officially launched on the market, initially as a two-door model, until the four-door model was finally put on the market in 1981. In its first-generation products, Range Rover still prioritizes the use of vinyl seats and plastic instrument panel materials.


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