Will Volkswagen Golf GTI's Mk 8 really not be available in Malaysia?

Previously, Volkswagen Malaysia has confirmed that the Mk 8 of Volkswagen Golf GTI will not exist in Malaysia until 2021. However, the Volkswagen Golf GTI appeared on the road, which intensified the rumor that the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 8 is most likely to be installed locally (CKD).

So, what about the 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI?

The new Golf GTI uses the McPherson front axle and multi-link rear suspension system as well as the new vehicle dynamics manager combination, which will enable the XDS and the optional DCC system's adjustable dampers to be combined.

Among them, the DCC adaptive chassis control is adjusted by the drive mode system, and the shock absorbers of each wheel are adjusted separately according to the road conditions. For example, in the comfort mode, the Golf GTI will be decoupled from the road as much as possible; while in sports, It will reduce body movement and the most direct handling. A single mode will make precise adjustments possible, even out of the limits of pre-configured modes.

On the outside of the car, the standard golf GTI headlights used in LED headlights. The lower radiator grille is a larger honeycomb air intake with integrated fog lamps.

As for wheels, 17-inch Richmond alloy is standard, and wheels are available in 18-inch and 19-inch options. Although the red brake calipers are optional, the wider black threshold is standard. They are connected to the new rear diffuser and are also equipped with a unique roof spoiler. LED taillights are standard, with two exhaust pipes on each side.

Inside the car, the design combination of three silver double spokes + red embellishments makes the steering wheel very sporty. Similarly, the seats can also make people feel a strong sporty wind. The steering wheel now has a new touch button-optional-the Travel Assist button can make the Golf GTI reach a driving speed of 130mph.As for infotainment, this car is equipped with a 10.25-inch Digital Cockpit and a 10-inch infotainment display. The standard function background lighting has 30 different colors, and there is also a switch button, which can be used to make the door emit a red light when the door is opened.

In addition to lane assist, front automatic emergency braking, pedestrian monitoring and an XDS electronic differential lock, the on-board communication system Car2X, single zone automatic climate control, Bluetooth connection and two USB-C ports are also standard features, but Navigation and keyless input are optional features.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 8 will use the new Volkswagen logo. Does this mean that the Volkswagen GTI Mk 8 will become the first Volkswagen model in Malaysia to use the new Volkswagen logo? Let us look forward to it together!

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