Winter Cycle Training

Winter cycling has often taken place for a number of  Million Dollar Exercise Review  reasons ranging from sporting to simple utilitarian reasons like commuting; trail or mountain bike riding (normally on snow); plus riding on frozen lakes and rivers. When winter sets in, most cyclists hang up their bikes and stash away their gear. However, winter is arguably the best time to do cycling whether for sporting reasons or for other reasons. Shouts of ‘it’s too cold’ or ‘it’s really dangerous out there’ will be heard from numerous people but it’s actually warmer and more manageable than thought.

The key for winter cycle training is motivation; one’s mental frame of mind. Find ways to motivate yourself throughout the dark winter months. Before your winter training, set a goal – have a mileage chart and try to meet targets. Mix up your training, and if possible try to go on a winter training camp. It is also important to consider Training with other people because it drives one to go out when staying in seems more attractive. It’s important to acquire relevant equipment and clothing and so to avoid getting very cold from perspiration, winter cyclists should wear clothing in layers, so that they can remove outer shells as they get warmer. In terms of equipment, the icy roads or hard packed snow will require that you get yourself some studded tires and helmet.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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