How to Distance Yourself From Social Anxiety Disorder

When it comes to different social situations, it really is different strokes   Cognitiva Reviewfor different folks. Some people thrive when they are getting all the attention, others shrink into a corner where they won't be noticed, and others suffer from social anxiety disorder. What is it and how do you deal with it?

Social phobia, or social anxiety disorder, is a condition in which a person is prone to excessive, unnatural fear of social situations. There is quite a bit of difference between this fear and normal nervousness. This fear grips your mind and renders you helpless to control your own emotions. People who suffer from this disorder can turn a situation into a full panic attack by anticipating a situation before it happens or freaking out at the thought of using a public restroom. To sum it up, the general public makes you want to crawl into your own little hole.

A typical scene involves the sufferer stressing about what a certain event will be like. Everyone will be staring, they will be talking when they think you aren't looking, they won't like your hair or what you are wearing, and at some point someone may work up the nerve to share their opinion with you. You might think you will get a disease or at the very least germs if you drink from a water fountain or eat at a public restaurant. These types of thoughts go through the person's head who suffers from social anxiety disorder. And then the medical world wants to put proof to their thoughts and label them as people who need social anxiety disorder treatment.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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