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Fibromyalgia is often a misdiagnosed and mistreated  Projoint Plus Review condition that debilitates millions of people in the world today. The standard treatment is focused on treating the symptoms and not the condition itself. When the standard protocol of pain medicines, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medicines, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medicines or anti-depressant medicines don’t work, patients are told either it is untreatable or it’s in their head. There is nothing further from the truth.


The truth about Fibromyalgia is that the problem is often in your head, literally. For a long time it was believed that it was a muscle problem, which is true but the muscle issues are secondary to another problem. The medical information about it is finally pointing to nerve problems, but the source of the problem is often in the brain. This does not mean that there is a psychological problem. The problem is a functioning problem with the brain.

The brain has several different sections that perform certain functions, but they are all connected and rely on each other to allow the brain to function properly as a whole. If one section does not function, or fire, properly it causes other areas to not function normally. This malfunction can be under firing or over firing, either of which can cause major problems.

One of the main problems with fibromyalgia patients is one or more areas of the brain functioning below normal which causes the upper brain stem to function above normal, or over fire. This leads to certain chemicals being released into the blood that cause stimulation of the pain sensation fibers. These pain fibers, or type C nociceptors, are what cause the chronic pain. The overactive upper brain stem also can cause insomnia, light sensitivity, increased sweating, irritable bowels and several other symptoms.



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