What You Can Do to Help Fix Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very uncomfortable condition for many people.     Halo Hair Gummies Review   Our hair is one of the most important assets of our face and it may beautify or ruin our look. Healthy hair is a great asset and almost everyone wants to have this. However, as we age, our scalp’s capacity to produce thicker and healthier hair is minimized. This is one of the reasons why many people most especially men experience thinning hair as they grow older. Others even become totally bald at an early age depending on the type of genes were passed down from their parents or grandparents.


Loosing Hair is common in men but women also may experience it when they get older. Many women though are good at hiding it so it is not obvious and visible. The female hormones have a great influence on hair loss on women which helps delay the female pattern baldness. General thinning of the hair on women is called telogen effluvium which results from a traumatic incident which causes sufficient stress on the person resulting to disrupted growth hair cycle. Another common cause of hair falling out in women is alopecia areata which can concentrate on some areas of the head or can be all over the body. This condition results from deficiency in a person’s immune system which may become more severe or long term. In some cases though, after a certain period of time, the hair grows back.



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Written by Hadriel Sam


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