Hope in a Jar – Do Skin Creams Work

Do skin creams work You must have seen the anti-aging  Eczema Skin Relief Review skin care claims in magazines, newspapers and even on-line including ominous photos of hypodermic needles posing along side innocuous, even innocent-looking jars of cream.The message is simple: Topical cosmetic creams promise the same age-defying, wrinkle-relaxing results as some pricey wrinkle-filling injections like Juva Derm, Restalyne or even Botox.

But can they If you're skeptical or hesitant about what you read, you're by no means alone. Not surprisingly, some dermatologists also question these claims and the promises.The bottom line is that if these creams or lotions could possibly accomplish the same thing as a medical procedure, they would therefore be drugs and not cosmetics – and that's what you MUST keep in mind when deciding whether to try or buy.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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