Use the Power of Visualisation to Regrow Your Hair!

So you looked in the mirror and were horrified to Halo Hair Gummies Review  notice the beginnings of a receding hairline. Or worse still one of your mates referred to your thinning top at the back where you cannot see it! Or did you overhear someone talking about your bald head and how you resemble a monk!


Well do not get too worried it is a perfectly natural response as a warm blooded male to start to worry and think the worst. You see what we all do is immediately leap forward into the future and imagine what it will be like in 5 or 10 years. Images of an older relative spring to mind and we cannot help but to see ourselves as they are. With such an active mind we build the picture in our mind’s eye to the point where we see our skin ageing, with wrinkles and worry lines, and before we know it we are old and decrepit.

Well time to STOP and wait a moment why are we predicting such a future for ourselves? It is simple that is how the programs in our mind work. We have strong beliefs which are built up over a long period of time to the point where we believe them to be true. So let us examine where some beliefs about our receding hairline come from. It is in your genes as your father and grandfather both had thin hair or were bald, people note how you are just like your father (reinforcing the belief). Playing rugby in the scrum damaged the hair follicles on your head and stopped the hair growth (just like your dad). etc….



What do you think?

Written by Hadriel Sam


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