What to Do If There Is an Earthquake in New Zealand

In my 3 years in New Zealand, I am glad to experience  Tesla Lighter Survival Tool Review minoAs the number of earthquakes, floods and hurricanes  Tesla Lighter Survival Tool Review  increases so does the awareness ofr earthquakes only twice. The first time was in 2006, I was alone in my room doing assignment when the ground started shaking. As I have never experienced earthquake before, I thought I was having a giddy spell. Luckily, it was quite minor and only last for about 15 seconds.

The second time happened when I was at my friend's place for a gathering. As there were heaps of New Zealanders there, everyone knew it was an earthquake instantly. We just remain seated at the living room and kept an eye out for hazards until the quake was over in less than 30 seconds.

How I prepared for earthquakes?

1) Always keep a bottle of potable water within reach at all times (this habit stays till today).

2) Note the things that might fall during earthquake. I never put books or anything heavy on shelves on top of me at all times. The lights in my room are either normal bulb or fluorescent light tube.

3) After my first experience, I did a research what to do during an earthquake that night.


What do you think?

Written by Hadriel Sam


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