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VeePN is an excellent all-rounder VPN with a particular emphasis on high-performance that makes it appealing to streaming fans looking for privacy and security. It’s not cheap but you get what you pay for: bulletproof encryption, high speeds, reliable access to the most popular sites and brilliant and responsive customer support.

Server locations span the globe with a range of options in popular locations, particularly the US. The apps are incredibly easy-to-use and are downloaded, installed and connected in minutes. Advanced users might want greater configurability but they’d be missing out on a stunningly effective service that works well in even high-censorship countries.

VeePN VPN also offers more than enough in terms of encryption strength, security protocols and other features – including a kill switch – to also keep those users happy who prioritise privacy and security both on public Wi-Fi networks and at home. The company’s incorporation in the BVI keeps it outside EU data regulations and beyond the reach of US jurisdiction.

What we like

Reliable access to all popular sites and services – tested and working

Incredibly consistent high performance in our tests

Rating of 9.8 on Reseller Ratings from over 3,000 reviews

Strong on privacy – HQ outside EU/US jurisdiction, own DNS servers, kill switch feature

What we like less

Slightly more expensive than other providers

Minimal connection metadata collected for service improvements

Privacy 9.6

VeePN offers compelling security features, such as a kill switch and DNS server ownership. Despite its simple app, you can select manually security protocols. Critically, it’s incorporated beyond the reach of data laws. In high-censorship countries, VeePN automatically uses a proprietary blend of protocols to provide users with a layer of additional obfuscation, helping them overcome more rigorous blocks. Their Network Lock feature (i.e. kill switch) also blocks any IPv6 traffic.

Its privacy policy is very clearly written and easy-to-understand, outlining a very minimal logging policy allows VeePN to regulate and further improve its servers but no more than that. The connection data collected is as follows:

  • Dates (not specific times) when connected to the VPN service
  • Choice of VPN server location
  • Total amount of data transferred per day

This is common among VPN services – better even, given the non-specific nature of using dates rather than exact times and no logging of your originating IP address – and the data above cannot be used to identify you. However, we cannot give VeePN a perfect score as a result.

Speed & Performance  10

VeePN is blazing fast. It beats every other VPN for speed overall in our tests on its most popular US servers, which means you don’t need to sacrifice video and audio streaming performance for the sake of your privacy. It’s also super speedy on the UK and Australian servers.

Critically, VeePN has been incredibly consistent in our speed test results across its global network. Whatever server you choose, you can expect blistering download and upload speeds, and low latency. This makes it an excellent choice not just for privacy-conscious streamers but also gamers and users of P2P technology.

Locations  10

VeePN has a very extensive global network with a huge number of server locations in nearly 100 countries. We love that all continents are well represented, with a growing number in Africa and the Middle East thanks to recent and ongoing expansion. The latest upgrade delivered a whopping 500 extra servers to maintain the expected levels of high performance.

The Asia Pacific region may lack China (although the service works well in that country to unblock censored sites), but it has some excellent other options not otherwise broadly available, such as Macau, Nepal, Laos and Myanmar, alongside more traditional locations such as Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore.

The Americas and Europe have the largest selection. The US offers city-level server options with 15 choices providing coast-to-coast coverage while the range of options in South America includes Peru and Uruguay as well as the more typical locations of Brazil and Argentina. There are almost 50 countries available in Europe alone with city-level choices in the UK, Germany and Netherlands.

Ease of use 10

What we like

-From purchase to connection in mere minutes

-Just press the button and go

-Brilliant tutorials help you connect with almost any device

-Reliably fast and effective

What we like less

-Almost too easy to use! Some more advanced options would be welcome

The biggest selling points for VeePN are sheer speed, strong encryption and that it just works really well. If you enjoy streaming, it’s an excellent choice. VeePN is tested and working with all popular sites and services with download speeds over 60Mbps in our tests. We’ve never suffered any drops or instability as the price to pay for privacy.

VeePN makes a virtue of simplicity. From purchase to connection takes a matter of minutes. On all major platforms, connection is via an app offering a consistent experience, making it incredibly easy to use across devices. New browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox give you even more options for safe browsing. Even when connection is manual (greatly extending device compatibility), the tutorials keep everything user-friendly.

The main app screen is stripped back to essentials: a big connect button and simple location options. Further options are hidden behind the burger menu (three horizontal lines) top left, however the minimal design means even inexperienced users are unlikely to miss them. A simple but effective speed and latency testing tool is built in to help you pick the best servers.

What VeePN lacks in advanced configurability, it more than makes up for in location options. Critically for power users, you can select server locations in a good spread of specific cities in the US, Canada and other popular countries to optimize your connection. You can also select security protocols manually. A recent update has also added split tunelling to the Mac app for greater control over your access. Overall, effective and easy-to-use: a very appealing combination


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