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To sum it up, 2011 is the year of illumination, diplomacy  10 Minute Awakening Review and order. It is time to put your world in order, use diplomacy and know that what you have created will be illuminated. We have a beautiful painting in our living room from Ron DiCianni. It’s called Simeon’s Moment. It is one of my favorite paintings. It must have been such an awesome experience for Simeon to hold the Son of God in his arms. For Simeon it was indeed the moment of a lifetime as it showed the fulfillment of God’s promise to him and to the world. Simeon’s Moment speaks to the joy and elation that Simeon must have felt at seeing that prophecy fulfilled. This is the moment that Simeon had chosen to live his life for. Luke 2.21-35 The people of Israel had eagerly waited for centuries for the Messiah to arrive, but it wasn’t until the perfect moment in history, during the census of the entire Roma world, when the baby was born. Jesus was born right on time and in the right place, fulfilling many Old testament prophesies. Jesus is consistently, perfectly, always on time. You may be waiting for God to fulfill a promise to you. Don’t lose your hope; he’s on time and always keeps his promises. And than there is Anna; what did it mean to her to see the Messiah. Can we even imagine what was like for her. As a prophet. She had spent years waiting for the Messiah. She knew the promises that God had given to his people throughout the centuries and she had spent her life praying and fasting, longing for the Messiah to appear. Anna exemplified qualities of anointing and steadfastness. After being married only seven years, her husband died and this widow chose a life of fasting and prayer in the temple. She did not depart from the temple, but made the choice to serve God. Luke 2.36-37, clearly chose to walk in moral purity and dedicated service. The name Anna means Favor or Grace. She did find favor in God’s eyes for He revealed the Messiah, the Hope of Israel to her.


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