Diabetes in Young Children

Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose   Nucentix GS-85 Review   or sugar produced in the body is in excess and remains uncontrolled. This is because the insulin hormone controlling the regulation of blood sugar in the body is not produced in the right amounts by the pancreas. The pancreas is the main centre where insulin is produced. In a normal healthy human the right amount of insulin is produced, which regulates the sugar level. In a diabetic, however, the amount of insulin produced is insufficient. This may increase the glucose level in the body causing many side effects. Child diabetes is caused due to hereditary reasons or sometimes due to environmental factors.

Type I diabetes- is most common in children. Around ninety percent of children below age sixteen are affected with child diabetes. This is caused due to the pancreas' inability to produce the necessary insulin. This type of diabetes is categorized as an autoimmune disease, which means, the body's immune system destroys its own tissue and organ. In type 1 child diabetes, the insulin producing cells are destroyed and are unable to receive and retain enough insulin to control sugar levels in the body.

The major symptoms of child Diabetes include –

o Frequent thirst

o Gradual weight loss


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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