Using of Jojoba oil in Natural Skin Care Products

Excess sebum dissolves in jojoba to leave pores clean Skin Cell Pro Review   which makes it suitable for use in almost any skin type. Jojoba also contains natural collagen that is almost identical in structure to that present in human skin. It is very rich in natural vitamin E and is a powerful anti-oxidant.


These and other properties of Jojoba make it a very useful ingredient in natural skincare products and it is often included as an ingredient in facial and body moisturizers, facial cleansers, natural anti-aging skin care products, shaving lotions and After-shave creams.

Jojoba can be combined with other ingredients such as borage and evening primrose oils, anti-oxidant vitamins such as natural vitamin A & E and herbal extracts that contain phyto-hormones like clary sage and wild yam to create a powerful moisturiser that is ideal for mature, dry and sensitive skin.



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Written by Hadriel Sam


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