Six Questions to Ask About Joint Pain and Inflammation

Is it new pain?When did the pain first start? If there has been an injury  Erase My Back Pain Review   of some sort in the past few months to a year, the joint pain could be associated with that injury. When tendons and ligaments are damaged, they need to be surgically repaired because they have no blood flow to stimulate healing. Sprains and strains can also lead to pain that can last months before the joint is completely healed.Does the pain worsen during certain seasons or weather changes?Drops in temperature can wreak havoc on painful joints. Pain tends to increase during colder weather, so if the pain is worse during the winter months, this could be caused by an increase in sensitivity of the pain receptors. Decreased blood flow during colder weather may also increase pain. Before storms come through, the barometric pressure will drop which can cause an expanding of the inflammation leading to stiffer joints and painful movement.Does the muscle or the joint hurt?Some people have trouble discerning whether the source of the pain is in the muscle or the joint. If muscles are strained, as is the case when exercising, only two to three days are required before the pain should subside. Muscle pain often comes with a point of origin or a tender spot in the area of the pain. Stretching can help to ease muscle pain.




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