How to Shift Into Higher Consciousness – The Little Prince Series

We are bound by our fears of moving forward towards  Thought Manifestation Review God, therefore stay right where we are. From our past we can see where we went wrong, what thoughts we had and what we need to change. Once we realize what we don't want, we can choose what we do want and it is generally to be happy, want to love life, ourselves and everyone in it, to be abundant in all its forms; to have a career that fulfills us on every level of our being by helping in service for others, animals or the environment in some way. We all have our unique ways of loving and wanting to help the world. We are all here to pull our ideas together and create as we are creators a way to change this world, together.

When we all become one with a single purpose, in the eyes of God our creator, we can then forget about all the cares, worries, fears, what ifs, of what might or could potentially take place… and surrender all of that to God. We can then embrace our life purpose that has been shown to us within our own minds and realize that everything around us is God too.

It is perfect in every way exactly as it is. If your current state of mind finds this hard to believe, it is because you are run by your Ego mind instead of Divine mind. Most of us are Ego mind, even those that we look up to for guidance, that is why it is imperative to go within and seek the answers for yourself.

Ego see's form, the physical form of the body with these eyes and thinks this is the realm in which it needs to be fixed. Truth says the answer is in our minds which extend from our soul with continual guidance as to how to show you this is not so. We need to live in the correct order of things soul, mind, and body. Once we connect with our soul to fix the mind, we all can come together for a common purpose and heal the world together instead of our old ways of the divide and conquer mentality. No one person is better than the other, we are all the same.


What do you think?

Written by jessy


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