Balcony trees Create a green space in your room.

When buying a condo And have come to live in the condo and believe that many people would like to add to the room to have a good atmosphere. Especially adding green areas in the room But the main obstacle for condo residents is that there is a limit on usable space. The area on the balcony of the condo is a solution for adding green space to the house. Therefore, in this article, I would like to introduce balcony-resistant plants. That can withstand the weather And stay to add a green atmosphere to our room for a long time

 Balcony trees Along with maintenance methods

1. Cactus or cactus

Of course, when talking about trees that tolerate the sun, balcony. That can be placed on the balcony, easy to grow, easy to care for, cactus or cactus is one of the first names that have arisen in the head of many people, of course. That gets the sun to shine all the time Since the cactus is a sun-loving plant, however, it should not be placed in an area exposed to full sun all the time. Because it burns the skin of the cactus Cactus trees come in many different species and shapes. Some varieties can bloom, adding a lovely beauty as well.

How to take care of the cactus is suitable for the lifestyle of the condo person. Because in addition to being a tree that tolerates the sun and balcony Watering also does not need to water often, just sprinkle water or spray with a soil spray 2-3 times a week.

2. Spotted Betel

The spotted betel is classified as a sun-resistant plant on the balcony. Types of ornamental plants that are popular both indoors and outdoors. The property of the spotted betel is a tree that is easy to raise. It has weather resistance. Is beautiful from the creeping of the trees and leaves And colorful Which if planted on the balcony In addition to being a sun-resistant plant and balcony The creeping of the leaves can also add beauty to the balcony as well.

How to take care of even the spotted betel is a sun-resistant plant on the balcony. But it is quite hydrating. By taking care of watering should be at least 3 days per time, but if the balcony is exposed to strong sunlight, such as a room in the west. Should be watered about every other day. So that the leaves remain bright all the time

3. Dragon Tongue

For the Lignagra is a balcony-resistant tree. That is becoming extremely popular for cultivating both indoors and outdoors. Because the dragon fruit is a tree with a beautiful leaf shape. Sharp The leaves of the dragon tree are both all green. And different yellow varieties And there are different beautiful patterns of leaves for each tree. A healthy plant Suitable for all weather conditions Make a balcony sun-resistant plant As well as in addition The dragon fruit also has a special ability to help purify the air. And also a plant that emits oxygen at night. But emits carbon dioxide during the day Therefore suitable for planting in the bedroom

How to care for the dragon tongue placement on the balcony Should be placed in an area exposed to about 60-70% sunlight without placing in an area exposed to direct sunlight and too hot Because it will make the leaves dry and not beautiful In watering can be watered every day. Or try to touch the soil that it is moist or not If the soil is dry, it should be watered until the water has seeped out of the pot.Read more information here >>slotxo


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