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  • Melancholy

    The image belongs to Martin Brest on April 1, 2009. © Stani, All rights reserved these times, looking within, searching for meaning in our hearts, beating in tune to thunder-like drum beats rhythmic twists and turns, legs and arms intertwined caught up in love’s sweet dance of passion. these times, harsh economic realities cost cutting […] More

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  • Tortured thoughts

    Pictures are by the Beatrix — I think these pictures kind of express what the world is going through at the moment. There is a pervading. all encompassing, feeling of lethargy! At the moment it seems nothing we do can take our minds away from the filth in the air, the filth of the […] More

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  • Procrastinating!

    So many nights, so many hours. Nights that lasted forever. Nights that tore into me and ripped out what little hope was left. I used to often sit alone on those nights pouring my heart out in a love letter to no one. Paragraph upon paragraph of useless words, tear stains on the paper, all […] More

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  • regrets

    image is taken from the works of down town pictures regrets on March 19, 2009. © Stani, All rights reserved filtered dreams sifted in baskets of thorns what do i know, what have i ever known? destiny delayed, held back by ignorance repressed dreams, mixed up with painful memories. memories of great days gone by, […] More

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  • A Lost Soul

    This is a post originally from my blog. We are born in the era of promise, of endless possibilities, myriad choices. We have an identity by birth. And no, that identity is not due to the family or caste or religion that we are born in. It is rather due to the country, the place, […] More

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  • Rhythm Of The Rain…

    My roses were meant for you, but it went into the dustbin yesterday without a clue… It’s raining heavily outside…But it’s even heavier deep down inside… November sky, will it ever come?So near, yet, so far away… More

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  • It was dark like this

    It was dark like this the other daywhen life, it turned the other way. My world instantly came tumbling down,and yesterday’s king became today’s clown. As if to mourn my fate’s call,Nature cast a gloomy pall Thundershowers lashed the earthwaking man from his blisfull mirth My eyes sifted through the heavy rainas I gauged the […] More

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  • I Really Do…

    Listen to what not spoken, that’s the way I speak… Look on what cannot be seen, I show nothing most of the time… Feel what cannot be touch, physicality is not what I mean… I am what I am… Your faith can never go wrong if you understand this… Based on what you have interpreted, […] More

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  • Thoughts of You

    All day longThoughts of you. . . Like a songThoughts of you. . . Memories come and goThoughts of you. . . Only a feeling I would knowThoughts of you. . . Pouring from my penThoughts of you. . . Angels still sing about thenThoughts of you. . . Copyright © 2009 Connie Norberg. All […] More

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  • This Kind Of Love

    babe, babe don’t be afraidcome let me hold you through the nightbabe, babe come to me it’s so darkI’ll keep you warm and safeoh babe, babe don’t be afraid come to mebabe babe I’m crazy for you. let me in, oh let me inI’m so crazy for youtonight I’m on the looseOh your kind of […] More

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  • Your Words

    In the winterof my sorrowyou gave meyour words Soft as the sea breezethey live within meforever etchedupon my soul And I am blessedabove all womenfor no greater gifthave I ever known (For the Gypsy) More

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