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  • When the scales fall…

    The truth is out there,Though obscured by high hopes andHidden by clouds of love and lies;The hiding made easier by trusting eyes. But, when I hold a tear in my eyes,The fog clears up; I see what is.Everything so clear and true whenViewed through the lens of pain Moments of healing of another kind-Those cold […] More

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  • Stinging In The Rain – (Flash Fiction for Spring Entry)

    “Useless! Completely useless!” she screams at me. I flinch. There’s no need for that. Rather than lose my temper, I leave the room. I can still hear her raised voice as I make my way upstairs. In her bedroom, the French doors open onto a small Juliet balcony. Voile curtains billow gently, scattered dots appearing […] More

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  • True Romance

    The girdle of your squeeze,The caress of your palm,The sensations that arouse,Have no spellings or words tantamount. The way you play,With your touch on my skin,Leaves me yearning for more,But still for now I will have to resist. Your pecks, kisses and bites,Leaving a blemish all over my soulNothing and I mean nothingIn this world […] More

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  • Liar

    How long are your words The size of a hand breadth Stretching long like the horizon On the coldest of sunsets Sweetened in cinnamon Or laced with malice Do I detect A hint of sadness This is madness Coy, cuddly words Tugging at your lips You think I am silenced By your tongue Your syllables […] More

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  • Suspended Soul

    Suspended soul Neither stepping forward Or stepping back Held here not knowing Past the turmoil With lessons learned Wondering in heart and mind Floating suspended Tethered by the silky thread That stretches far Anchored to my heart For the essence of you remains Touching me softly In those quiet moments Each day that passes More

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  • कृष्ण

    कृष्ण कोई साधकनहीं हैं। उन्हें साधक कह कर सम्भोदित करना गलत होगा। वे एक सिद्ध हैं, जीवन की कला के एक पारंगत और निपुण कलाकार। और जो भी वह इस सिद्धावस्था में, मन की चरम अवस्था में कहते हैं तुम्हे अहंकारपूर्ण लग सकता है, पर ऐसा है नहीं। कठिनाई यह है कि कृष्ण को उसी […] More

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  • Audience Of None

    No longer the one I was To much has happened To much has changed The clock keeps ticking Life passes me by Stuck in a freeze frame Watching things go by Unable to stop it Unable to get off Looking for a hand To guide or give sign Soul crying the blues Before an audience […] More

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  • All alone as i traversed

    All alone as I traversedthis solitary stretch of life,There were several moments,when my thoughts returned to you. The days when we first metand all the days thereafterThe first time when love whisperedwithin the walls of my little heart. How beautiful the world seemed thenwith laughter all around meBut, drowned in that ocean of happinessfor a […] More

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  • I Am

    I am the darknessbefore the rainI am the shadowof evening’s call I am the sorrowand the painI am the catalystbefore the fall I am the hopeturned to despairI am the fearyou cannot see I am the longingthat wasn’t thereI am the truthnaked and free I am the silencesoft and stillI am the promiseof healing light […] More

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  • Sunset

    Receding is its fiery beauty to the western heaven’s infinity, That mystical venture into dusk is its routine glorious trip— An endless prompt for the insatiable poets. In the sky it’s the serene belle, the cosmic masterpiece on symmetry Summoning all eyes to its dome of motley diffusion— A day’s closure so grandeur hails the […] More

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  • The Drifter

    Tall and lean Dusty boots and faded jeans Leaning up against a pillar Watching the to and fro Within that dark and murky building As the smoke curls Upwards mixing with the smell Of diesel and oil With each puff he draws At the sound of the muffled intercom That rankles through the din He […] More

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  • Winds and Boot Steps

    Whistle of the winds Through dark streets I can hear them feel them Air in movement Portraying change That floods my inner being As I walk and walk It muffles my boot steps Shadows flicker Distorting my view But still I move in unseen flight Passing the door I once knew so well The winds […] More

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