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  • Wishing Upon The Storm

    My head was on the table…Looking down…With my hand folded around my head…“Hey” she said…I looked upon her face…Gazing at me intensely…That lips are mine to kiss…But heaven forbids it…It triggered something sensational inside my fragile but cold heart…As messy as the sound of the rolling thunder who is dancing in a trance above our […] More

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  • The Illusionist

    The image is taken from bradleyolin’s photos. On August 30, 2009 © Stani. All rights reserved captivated, held spellbound lost in the game at hand following every move snatched out of my box of tricks. yes, welcome to my show come and be mesmerized forget about your worries a lot more drama awaits you. step […] More

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  • No Doubt

    The night was dark and there was a slight drizzle. She stood there shivering in the rain. “If only I had listened to my inner instincts” she thought…But it was too late to dwell on “what if’s” and “if only’s”; the damage already done. She knew there was no going back; knew that once she […] More

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  • The sacred Distance !!!!

    Its a hopelessly inevitable reality which stares you in your face , Like the sun , The early morning sunshine . . . I m talking about being alive . As someone trapped in a body . A soul … A song .. Something incomplete I felt in me . It was her . My […] More

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  • Queen

    Doors are open there are no crowsblack is extinctbirds are glowingsoft rivers flowingrainbow has comecolors like never beforei want to goi will cross the doorbrown mountains dancepink is trancepeople no more runeverybody winsi am the Queen More

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  • enforced torpor

    Image is from On August 24, 2009 © Stani. All rights reserved the years continue to roll by still sitting, waiting idly for the so-called saviour the one who will dispel the torpor. everyday waking up to one more struggle one or more of your rights stripped away forced to live like animals, even […] More

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  • That day…

    It was her birthday that day. She was turning 22. But unlike any other girl of her age, she wasn’t exactly overwhelmed. By her judgment, it was pretty much the beginning of a redundant end. It all started a week after the New Year’s Eve when he confessed his feelings about not seeing them as […] More

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  • Envenom

    She couldn’t take it any more. It was over. She had to leave the house. Abruptly, she pulled off the hooks from the wooden wardrobe and started dumping her neatly ironed dresses and formal wears into a purple rucksack that was lying in the lower shelf. The agonizing feeling deep within surged tears from her […] More

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  • Twenty Pesos

    A rattling sound of a small bell welcomed their arrival to a public market. After they had stepped out of the bus, the first thing she did was scan the alley between the market and the shoulder of the highway. That high pitch bell announced of something so familiar to her, and her eyes was […] More

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  • How can I forget you?

    Your smile that once gave me lifeNow stings my very soulYour touch that sprung fountains in my hearthave all gone dull and dryYou came as a breath of fresh airand cleansed my spirits withinBut the storm that you left within meTime can never healOh tell me! how can I forget you?How can I forget the […] More

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  • A Kiss On The Soul

    The night that we’ve spend together… Ahh…Is it a cliche’ if I say my life is never the same again?Thousand miles apart, but never far from each others heart… Ahh…Let me bath under the fountain of hope praying it would wash away the pain…I’m just a foolish child who have a mountain of fear…Am I […] More

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  • The Funniest Joke

    I’ve got the world on my shouldersBut your eyes are my two moons holding me steady.My poor mortal soul couldn’t hold all of my love for youSo, I threw it out to the skies. This way, if you ever doubt the words I sayYou can look to the stars, which not only burn for you,But […] More

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