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  • Worth the Wait

    “Let’s wait awhile before it’s too late Let’s wait awhile, our love will be great Let’s wait awhile before we go too far”Chorus to Let’s Wait Awhile by Janet Jackson A few days ago, I’m sitting on my bed catching up on some reading, my youngest daughter Khadijah knocks on the door. She comes in […] More

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  • Love And Lust

    My heart panted My eyes gazed My focus converged As the beauty passed Black, big eyes, slender look Her curly brown hair swayed Sprinkling a fragrance to the wind Making me mad and passionate Creating a internal debate Of love and lust Of sacred and rot Of fulfilment and desire I was burning with fire […] More

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  • The Best of Times

    1 James Patterson was failing to grab Akruti’s attention for the very first time in his writing career. But she doubted Patterson’s writing skills had anything to do with it.‘All this noise’ she sighed, attributing her lack of concentration to the sounds that drifted in from the adjacent room.People laughing, talking in loud voices, clatter […] More

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  • A Better Hope

    I stared at the sunThe sun that was, 8 minutes ago. In the night I faced the dotted skyI saw the light from back in the timeHistory cupped over my headAnd I stared again, at the past above me. What is behind me..Just blank white space ?All that turns into colors and feelingsThe moment I […] More

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  • An Year Ago On This Day.

    An year ago we were here And it was here you told me You told me you love me I thought I heard it wrong I thought I would never hear The sweet words you said that day I thought it would never come A day to take my breath away And yet fortune smiled […] More

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  • The Fog

    Photo Credit This is written as a prompt to Prompt 82. On September 22, 2009 © Stani. All rights reserved dark dense  wispy pretty yet dangerous evoking thoughts of a turnaround, escape. within lurks the one softly calling, gently pulling try to resist, runaway from web of deceit. getting darker now feel like hallucination […] More

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  • Joke of the day

    This joke came in from Solar. Nice one Solar, keep ’em comin’ The Image was found here. I have no idea who the artist is, but it is called the Wise Owl.   Lies that come back to haunt you.   Mom comes to visit her son Okonkwo for dinner. He lives with a female […] More

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  • The Watcher

    The image is by Bileak On September 20, 2009 © Stani. All rights reserved watching, sitting idlysands of time trickle slowlyseeing all you do the small, evil ways you know smiling, fun all the wayenjoying the silly antics you playfeeling the world through youinanities displayed in your view patience, i have it allmapping out just […] More

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  • Retrospection

      The image is by Hamed Parham On September 14, 2009 © Stani. All rights reserved every road i have taken has led to my regret every fight i have fought led to my defeat a swim in the Atlantic, a journey in the land of lala struggled daily trying to quench embers of my […] More

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  • Undeclared by Ellie LaCosse

    Heath couldn’t stop himself from wanting to smile. Oh, he would have laughed if he could, but then people might thought him devious, and really that wasn’t what this was about. Not when he laid eyes on the beautiful boy on the red sofa at the after party. It was only getting started. All those […] More

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  • Beneath the cherry-tree

    Beneath the cherry-blossoms-I wait as always.Days merge into nights,Months die and seasons change.Flowers wither away-And bloom again.But I keep waiting for you- Beneath the cherry-tree. Winter was early this year-Christmas brought it’s share of cheer.Vivian has grown up a lot.She can almost reach the flower-pot-Kept on my window-sill.The cherry-blossoms disappeared from view-But then again that […] More

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