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  • Being yourself!!!

    People laugh at me. Coz I’m different!And I laugh at them, coz they are all the same.That’s the power of attitude! Everyone yearns to be successful in life. People reach the top rungs of the ladder of success through hard work or even sheer luck. But there are people who almost change themselves entirely to […] More

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  • tHe pEoPlE’S CaR?

    Tata’s promise of cheap(est) cars overlapped with the Left’s policy of development did not find too many takers in this state, but then the fruit of all the dreams that Ratan Tata saw and all the labour that had gone into realizing this dream has certainly found some admirers and customers in the city, with […] More

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  • Men Who Hate Women.

    Disclaimer: Not for the young and the sensitive. Adult content ahead. At an Undisclosed Location, 11:27 P.M: “Child, it’s not safe on the roads and it’s getting late, want a lift?” Nina looked sideways; the middle aged man looked like he was kind and his offer sounded tempting, especially when she was not dressed for the […] More

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  • Purple

    He leaned against the wall. All he could see upto the horizon was a dry, empty land, a barrenness rivaled only by the emptiness he felt inside. It had been twenty four years since he had first stood by this wall. Everyday since then he had been drawn to it to stand in front of […] More

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  • Deja Vu…..

    old creaking jointsskin drawn tightacross skinny bones lips once soft, smoothpulled slightly apartreveal yellowed teeth hideous form caught in timeindurated, it blinks while dreamingof tea party’s and lacy pink dresses feeble, mind dull, it stops and grins againmy face, it’s face slid from it’s once firm placea face that shadows me useless, feeble, slow when […] More

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  • Where British Steel met the Nubile Cultural Beauty.

    Noughties have been a delight. My life began; I might be tempted to say-just as any other city’s did. But the fact is that my life began when angry gentlemen threw spades at each other. In sixteenth century, my rulers at Golconda founded me. Musi, my artery ran through me fresh and clear embellishing me […] More

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  • Life would go on….

    When the sunlight melts into twilight and the pale moon decks up the evening sky I’ll think of those magical moments we had and my heart will mutter a silent cry Far away from a distant land, I know You would long to re-live our world of dreams but entwined by the viscious tentacles of […] More

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  • Doze On !

    Sleep baby girl; With ur tear streaked cheeks,With the lullaby of silence,Hugging your trembling body,Holding the past hours of weepingN’ the pain pricking your heart.Some fairy angel from another worldWill feel some pity on youWill come to hold u closeTo take away your painTo kiss you on ur red swollen eyes. Sleep – The morning […] More

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