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  • FIFA OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate release

    This one is for your ATTENTION all ladies!!!!       Image gotten from http://cempaka-belanda.blogspot.com/2009/12/netherlands-seeded-for-2010-world-cup.html   Dear Wife / Sweetheart / Girlfriend / Partner / Whomever it may concern, 1. Between 11 June and 11 July 2010, you should read the sports section of the newspaper so that you are aware of what is going […] More

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  • Frankenstein

    Image is by Budzi Graphic Design My little son and I were ‘brainstorming’ over what it would be like to have Frankenstein and the Big Bad Wolf in the same story. We had quite a blast and here is what we came up with: There once lived a scientist who wanted to create a person. […] More

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  • The driver

    This is a funny one, I just had to share. I found it over at http://pinoyborian.blogspot.com/       After getting all of Pope Benedict’s luggage loaded into the limo, (and he doesn’t travel light), the driver notices the Pope is still standing on the curb. ‘Excuse me, Your Holiness,’ says the driver, ‘Would you […] More

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  • in the dark

    image is by retrodiva photography On April 16, 2010 © Stani. All rights reserved a place so dark, no end in sight stood in line for so long glimmers of hope slowly faded away now i see through you. this, this place, my descent this is me all alone in my head, all that i […] More

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  • The Love Laws

    (Originally posted here)The Love Laws Yeah, I’ve been mean enough to glue you up to my blog with interesting titles, now and before. Here I am going to analyse the meaning of romance and love at different ages in life, for both genders. Both genders? I’m just trying to exhibit how foolishly I have analysed thoughts […] More

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  • A Loaded Gun? Well I’ll Be

    The latest from my sports blog..(The news report out of Cleveland Hopkins Int’l Airport stated Shaun Rogers of the Cleveland Browns attempted to board a plane to Houston with a loaded gun in his carry on. My usually reliable sources tell me there was no loaded gun involved. Reporting a gun was more believable than […] More

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    I let my nerves restrain more and more I let myself wait more and more I let my pores sweat more and more Might be it would let me find my inner core Might be it would let me differentiate rot and pure Might be it would lead me to freedom-door And today in the […] More

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  • experiences

    Life has undergone a drastic change for me during the last few months; in fact, my life was never the same right after 2007 December, the month, in fact the decisive month which changed my life completely, not for the good, but for the opposite. But whatever happened to me during the last two years, […] More

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  • On Racism and Hate

    Image is taken from here   Toyosi a young man with a very bright future must have woken up a Friday morning thinking about the future and how much he could contribute to it. little did he know that at about 7PM that same day he would be lying in a pool of his blood […] More

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  • love it is?

    she was sultryhe was handsomeshe was mellowhe was agilethey sawthey desiredthey hookedand  got bookedfor the rest of their lives love it is? she was charminghe was adorableshe would readhe would watchshe would quotehe would yawnand she was disappointed love it is? he would laugh his heartshe would smileshe wore checkshe liked stripeshe would jokeshe would snideand people called […] More

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  • My Blog is Carbon neutral

        Make it Green, a German team has created the ‘My blog is carbon-neutral’ buttons to help in combating the effects of global warming. Apparently, blogs have yearly carbon emissions which are generally not good for the environment. At www.pensivethoughts.com I read that a blog with 15,000 visits a month can cause a yearly […] More

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  • Waiting

    Image is from http://www.flickr.com/photos/somerandomdude/1427448518/ On April 03, 2010 © Stani. All rights reserved I still come here often, just to sit on that same bench we both loved to sit on, while savouring our togetherness. Remember? Of course you do! When I sit here, the memories come flooding in. I remember the fist time you […] More

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