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  • The 5 stages we live by

    Courtesy of Google Images Friends, Food and Good conversation is a recipe for a wonderful evening. I had not had an evening like this in a very long time. The conversations were light, heavy, fun but filled with true honesty and from the heart. Conversations that made you stop and think what it meant to […] More

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  • Show me the money…!

    “I love you!” he was totally high. The drug was showing its effect.  He had eaten his food down to the last morsel, drank 3 full whiskeys and smoked marijuana.  “Shut up!  This is not you, you’re high right now.” “Don’t worry baby, I still love you”.                    […] More

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  • Mystery surrounds Her

    courtesy of google images The country is the seventh largest in the geographical area. It is situated in South Asia. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the west and the Bay of Bengal on the east. It borders with Pakistan (west), China, Bhutan, Nepal (north) and Burma and […] More

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    Category: Impossibly Impossible What is the most unique thing about Varanasi? Your reply would be any of these: paan,saari,ghaat,morning street breakfast,thandai,temples etc. Some would also dare to say Malls. So, i request all of you to go through this incident before you make up your mind.. Once upon a time on a very hot, busy […] More

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  • Destined to be Friends….!!

    I have a normal routine. I wake up in the afternoon, have my breakfast at 2 p.m., take a bath at 3 p.m. and again go to sleep..I, then wake up at 7 p.m., have my lunch and surf useless sites on the internet( come on guys.. we know they are not useless) and then chit […] More

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  • Lafangey Parindey Reviewed!

    What do you expect from a love story now-a-days? Should it be different? Should it be unique? Should it be one of a kind? But how many times have you come across a love story that is different or unique? You’d say none! I wouldn’t disagree. But, Lafangey Parindey somehow doesn’t go down as common […] More

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  • Holidays At The Cabin

    Three Word Wednesday  Brought to you byThree Word Wednesday Grimace, phase, Stumble,                                                                      James gremaced as Dorothy opened the front door, letting all the heat outside. The freezing air was bitterly cold and Jame’s bed was closest to the door. Finally, Shirley came in and closed the door. Soon enough everyone forgot about the cold […] More

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  • Book Review: Dead man’s folly

    Q)What happens when a rich man dies with no proper heir to his property? A) Bequeathing of property and some crime associated with it. Think of it and at least a dozen bollywood movies and few Hollywood movies flash in front of your eyes. This is my first Agatha Christie Novel and above description is […] More

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  • Cupid has to strike again..

    It was such an important meeting.She thought it was unusual that the venue was Coffee Day.Nevertheless , braving the traffic and heat of Hyderabad , she reached the place, almost on time.The cold air pricked her face the moment she entered the cafe.She joined the editor,also a friend’s friend, who was meeting her today to […] More

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  • Ugly side of Anger

    google images The last two days have been hard and frustrating. To be honest they have been a royal pain……. I have had enough of packing, storing, organizing and functioning like a robot. I am done being practical, calm, accommodating and mindful. I am tired of watching my ‘p’s and ‘q’s. I am tired of […] More

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  • Love your words

    courtesy of google images Since writing my last post ‘My discovery of 5 simple letters’  I realized that words carry so much meaning and depth. Words have the power to change one’s outlook on life . Words are made up of many letters or a few but can mean the same thing. Words have an origination and […] More

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  • Infidelity

    Image is from On August 17, 2010 © Stani. All rights reserved Minutes down the drain Plumbing done for so fleeting gain Uptime, blood rush Head thick, throbbing body engorged. Seconds, minutes, time stands still Swimming in pink juicy tides Settled between twin peaks Rocked to and fro within giant waves. Gold services, gold […] More

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