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  • B.S or M.A/M.Sc system of education?

    Karachi University has restored the MA/M.Sc system of education and has discontinued the B.S system.B.S system of education is a four years program.Anyone with 12 years of education could get admission  in B.S. According to B.S degree program: “University of Karachi initiated four years B.S program in 2007 to replace the 3 year honours programme.  […] More

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  • Stop SMS campaign against Zubaida Tariq

    It is very sad to realize that the people of Pakistan have not managed to learn even in 60 years that how to respect and value the renowned personalities of the country. On the other hand if we just  look around and notice the attitude of our neighbors we will get to know the reason […] More

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  • Phew!

    On the way to home… Meeting : Check Presentation Review: Check Appointments scheduled for tomorrow: Check Discussion with Sinha: Check Team performance review: Check Her Gift: OHHHHHHH shit! Ohh noo noo no! How could this happen! I had set reminder on cellphone, I had asked Holly to remind me, there was a reminder post-it on my PC! Oh my […] More

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  • Memories…

    That was Tuesday , 3.45 PM…. No work at office, no frens online, nothg interesting to do …. All these are making me sick and boring.. so then thought let me glance through my old pics..yepp!! It was a wonderful to recollect the old moments spent and was cherishing those times spent with my best […] More

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  • Life has to move on…

    Work pressure! Deadlines! Frustrating telephone calls! Stress from boss! Zero Bank Balance! Fight with loved one! Misunderstanding with a close pal! Yearly Appraisal! No work @ office.. Worry abt Professional Growth. Love failure! Jobless! Where am I heading? No time for myself.. Yes all these questions/phrases we hear in our day to day life… These […] More

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  • Her Gift

    Next we call upon Karen Volsky She sat on the seat allocated to her, constantly fidgeting with her graduation robe, hair, nails, even the chair! After Anu. it was her turn to collect her certificate. She had always been uncomfortable being the centre of attraction but due to her academic excellence she had always been […] More

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