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  • Budget trip to Srilanka-FAQs

    Srilanka is a budget international destination for Indians, particularly from South. We made a weekend trip to SL recently, spent 2 days there and whole trip was completed in under 10k, all inclusive. Some of the frequently asked questions are being answered below. Will be helpful if you’re evaluating a possible trip to Srilanka Q1: […] More

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  • Yasmeen

    I was sitting on a bench on the Doons Side station, waiting for a train to Paramatta. Tired, exhausted…completely drenched of agony…with the summer sun hitting me hard. I was waiting for that day to end soon. “Hello Dear! What’s the time?” I heard a small voice coming from a distance. “Can you tell me […] More

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  • “The First Time in Love”

      “The First Time in Love”   IT…was… Cool autumn air, Blowing though you soft hair, And so enchanted by your eyes, A starlight night, With no one in sight, The wind whispering sweet lullabies, My heart’s next to yours, We’ve opened the doors, Let’s hold on to the real thing this time, And though […] More

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  • “All the Love”

        “All the love” Has anyone told you … that they love you today, If they haven’t said it, please let me say … I love you. N’ it’s because God only made only one that’s like you, Though we need more to spread love as you do, I can see why God only gave […] More

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  • “All Your Love”

     “All Your love”  Has anyone told you … that they love you today?, If they haven’t said it, please let me say … I love you, N’ it’s because God only made one that’s like you, Although we need more to spread love as you do, I can see why God only gave us only […] More

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  • “Stanger in the Glass”

     “Stanger in the Glass” Who is this man I see standing in the glass before me, Although he looks so familliar it’s not me in the glass that I sadly see, Where is the child, these eyes of his are filled with pain, The joyfull child is gone and this stranger is me and he’s […] More

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  • “Crossroads of the heart”

    “The Crossroads of Life” As I journey through life exploring onward… All that there is left unto me to discover, Traveling with purpose, carefully planting every step, seeking all that there is to uncover, Not to hurry passing by treasures shinning brightly for then I waste, Many along the way who scurry on by quickly […] More

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  • “WORDS”

    “WORDS” Words can make fools heroes and heroes fools, Pack people together in schools, ‘Been said that a picture paints a thousand words, But who could ever count all the words that exist for and because of you, You are an original that can only be copied…one and only one…never two, This keyboard anxiously and […] More

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  • “A Flower in the Breeze”

    “A Flower in the Breeze” In a beautiful field of wild flowers that stretch further than the eye can see, There is one so different from all the rest, towering high above  them all as if placed there only to keep watch, Long and slender with an unknown color that seems new to my inquisitive […] More

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