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  • Honesty. It’s Lovely But Is It Real?

    Imagine us all being honest to each other’s faces in our daily lives. What would it be like entering your office and telling your boss how short and ugly he actually looked? Or turning to your wife and telling her she’s not as pretty as she once was? Or telling your in – laws that […] More

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  • Departure

    Thoughts flowing through the woven words Reflected so clearly through the dancing eyes A life was indeed flowing Flowing! In between two lives. In the longitudinal expansion and compression The silent music was vibrating in the mysterious tune The bonds inside were loosening And two lives were centering to a new life. In the shadow […] More

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  • Sandstorm

    Yes, we live in a desert, reigned by sand, and it was restated in no less means, on 25.03.2011, when the lands bordering the Arabian gulf, was swamped, smothered and benumbed by a monstrous sandstorm. It was an incredible experience, a natural phenomenon that one gets to see in the National Geographic Channel, as we lounge in […] More

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  • Airport Thoughts

    What do you do when you are at Bangalore… more specifically, at Bangalore airport and you have almost two and half hours to waste? Of course, if you are writer like me, you flip out your laptop and type… or as I call it – “trypble” (typing scribble, for the new!) I’m going home as […] More

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