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  • In the Hallway of time…

    I look at the watch, quarter to sevenI look at the sky, bronze and saffronStubbed with clouds, a plane just passed byI look at the road behind, running miles downI look at the road ahead, many more miles to walk byI take a breath, smile and close my eyes.   Moments and I continue to […] More

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  • Pakistan puts on it’s best face!

    The youngest foreign minister of Pakistan has impressed many on her on going visit to India. During her meeting with her Indian counterpart her confidence baffled the much older and experienced Indian minster and he is reported to have take help from printed documents and his advisers whereas the Pakistani minister spoke with confidence and […] More

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  • If I were a Boy

          I am just wondering why I was born as a gal and not a guy. If I had a choice I would have preferred to be a guy for all the stupid reasons I have: I wud hv dressed up the way I want, Wear the baggy things, walk down on the […] More

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  • This I Suppose

    I have many questions running in my mind and want to tell people.   First thing, while crossing road though I show sign of crossing, but still y do u come in the same speed? Do u think I can cross so fast or just fly over the vehicles?   You can see the traffic […] More

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  • I like being Stupid..

    I was thinking for a while on what to blog about. Then just started thinking. . .My this friend say that i am stupid at times and he rates me 2 on a scale of 5. Then being stupid is the topic which runs in my mind… Am I so stupid? Is it harmful?   […] More

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  • A guy at traffic signal..

    Hey you?? Yeahh you man i’m talking to you.. (Don’t look around) Ufff.. Stop looking into the car mirror.. No? Now.. What’s wrong with your hair? Damn so bad messy spikes.. Yuck!!!.. Pheww what’s on your face? Applied a lot of sunscreen? Ha ha ha… you look horrible…   Oh I didn’t not observe low […] More

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  • WHY???

    Why people spend their time in trying to find out why others are happy ?   Why people can forget all the nice things and just remember one mistake ?   Why people lead their life as if world’s burden is on their head ?   Why people can’t answer when asked,”what’s wrong?”   Why […] More

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  • whatever you like

    Look around you. this planet is crowded by all kinds of people- the wannabes, the wanna-have-fun school kids, the no-nonsense diplomats, the politicians(human equivalent of greedy, manipulative wolves), the sadistic teachers, what-my-neighbour’s-got-is-better-than-mine mourners, the “living saints”, the unconditionally loving mothers, the cheerleaders(!), the leaders…n the list goes on…and on…and on…     now here’s the […] More

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  • Juggler’s Act

    some words of caution; and bits of advise, ‘love…its nature is abrupt’, says akhil; anil says, “these are difficult times” for;between the two what is it that would suffice, that must survive fire and; that would cut through ice, looking for a vise; i juggle and so; when i want to speak about love; i […] More

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  • The Sacred Status of Cats in Ancient Egypt

        Cats and Egyptians The cat in ancient Egypt was a sacred and respected animal. It was in Egypt that cats were first domesticated more than 4000 years ago, and around 2000 BCE that the fully domesticated cat was brought into the houses of Egyptians.   The ancient Egyptians took their cats on hunting […] More

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  • Ce la Vie !!

    life is kinda weird , isn’t it?!   when we were kids we always dreamed of what we wanted be when we grow up and when we do , we almost never achieve anything of what we had in mind as kids .                                                                                                                                  i don’t know why we even bother , i mean […] More

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