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  • PowerfuL PalindromE EndS ThE CarnivaL..

    Are you an ardent fan of J.K Rowling ? or at least a passionate reader of Stephenie Meyer ? neither of them ? hm, how you will fell when bunch of relatives you spent a week with leaves altogether on a single night ? Hard rite, i experienced the same feel  as Indian carnival at […] More

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  • 5 (FivE) Is GreateR ThaN 6 (SiX)

    After saying 5 is greater than 6, i need to confirm myself that am mentally sound and am not midget in maths too and so i believe 5 is bigger than 6, yes obviously. i have proof’s and guys please nominate me for greatest invention of this century which you are going to read 😛 […] More

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  • 8 Marriages & 2 Oscars

    That’s how, one of the media features on Elizabeth Taylor, described her life, after her death recently. It caught my attention. I thought it was odd to summarize a person’s life that way; two major milestones – marriage & career – numbered!! Taylor was an accomplished actress, a mother, a fashion/style icon, was infamous for possessing […] More

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  • I never wanted this to Happen…

    As we both were out of town, we could meet each other for a week. After coming back to town, we both decided to meet after office. I was waiting at my apartment gate, he came, and we both drove towards our regular spot i.e CCD @ banjara hills.   It was so nice to […] More

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  • Why “No Traffic Rules” to Politicians/VIPs?

    Many times I felt weird about this issue; I feel it should be a serious concern for us.   Why do they block the traffic whenever a VIP or Politician passes through??”   I understand Security is important for them. But is it at the cost of common man convenience & time? Everyone are busy, […] More

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  • Stars

                                                             Stars     People make wishes when they see shotting stars, While watching them they like eating chocolate bars. Stars just have a different shape, Superman flies by them by wearing a cape. Stars glow a lot, In the same spot, But when they die,they rot. After reading this im sure you’ll like stars, […] More

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  • I remember

    As a child, while I walked this path so many times I never did think that one day life would be so different that one day I would fall in love with this sunset Today as I watch the winding road meander into the shimmering woods I remember those long lost days of childhood bliss  […] More

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  • And the Sun refuses to shine!

    Drenched in the pain.. of reminiscences of the past… like moving pictures in my head.. like dark shadows in my heart… i wake up lonely.. benubed by the piercing silence… it has now become… a part of my existence… a fake face… a fake smile… the rain never stops.. And the Sun refuses to shine!! More

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  • Nature

    For over three months he had planned this project. This date and time had been chosen with a meticulous eye to detail. He had envisaged a beginning to be proud of. All geared up, he stepped out and heard the thunder. One look at the weather broke his resolve. He returned to his slovenly self. More

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  • The power of a smile

    Its 6 am in the morning. I snooze my alarm and go back to sleep. Mom comes to my room, half an hour later and shouts at me to wake up and get ready for college. Holy Christ! As always I’d overslept even today, cursing the alarm I sleepily walk out of the room, only […] More

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  • Friendship Meter

    This is how most ( I do not mean all, most ) Friendships work. Day 1 Friend 1 sees Friend 2 in Facebook and  after going through the list of Mutual Friends, sends Friend 2 a request. Friend 2 sees the request from Friend 1, sees the list of Mutual Friends and accepts the request. Day 2 Friend 1 […] More

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  • This is Life

    Just when I got my turn to present the project at the review, Someone else wanted to present theirs, urgently.Just when I reached the college entrance,the college bus left the campus and I was informed that there would be no more buses till 4.Just when I finished my Gobi Manchurian, I was told that there […] More

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