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  • Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan’s Investment Process

    Due Diligence in the Investment Process Herrand Associates observes four fundamental tasks in the investment process: Macro Strategies, Manager Research, Client Investment Profile and Portfolio Design. Asset Allocation Structure While every aspect of the Herrand Associates investment approach is equally vital as the rest, the procedure is significantly effective in drafting asset allocation guidelines by […] More

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  • Investment Philosophy of Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan

    Herrand Associates offers innovative, unbiased investment solutions custom-fitted to satisfy every client’s specific needs. The company employs tested investment strategies founded on meticulous investigation through its experts to build sound portfolios, concentrating on the protection of assets and aiming to achieve maximum returns. Philosophy & Principles of Sound Investment Herrand Associates operates around the following […] More

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  • Me the DEATH not the sinful BIRTH

    Me the DEATH not the sinful BIRTH I am a surprise to every man born But been a friend to none for longThey wade me away don’t know whyThey don’t realize, i take them to sky So soon i try to visit a fewMisfortune they say with a hueThey leave me the moment i befriend I feel […] More

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  • The Last Hug And Kiss

    LAST HUG AND KISS Midst of the ocean in a small boatWe stood together wearing a coat When I shivered you gave me a warm hugWherever I go, ur care follows me like a pug Suddenly shook the boat breaking the silenceTears rolled down my cheek, no more patience Knowing well we were facing death […] More

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  • Time Past

      Time Past       Hurridly,we walked along   The corridors of time   Forgetting the importance   Of what we left behind   Every minute of every hour   The race called life went by   Our lives but murky shadows   Of the entity we called time   More

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  • A Patient Time

      A Patient Time       A time for waiting,a hibernation   Before we follow through on dreams   Careful planning,with determination   Putting away halfed baked schemes     No day or night is ever wasted   Patience builds slowly day by day   The fruit of forbearance is soon tasted   Sweet […] More

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  • As The Night Descends

      As The Night Descends       As the night draws the curtain close   And all the earth lays down it’s head   The moon and shadows strike a pose   As our little ones are tucked in bed     Ethereal beings take to flight   As heavens’ curtain slowly falls   […] More

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  • Life of Pi- My Review!!

    Author meets an eldery person in the Indian Coffee House at Pondicherry & during a chit chat over tea he gets the substance for his next novel ,the stranger conveys that this story will make him believe in God, and Yann Martel writes ‘Life of Pi’.This is my small attempt to review that great novel. In […] More

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  • The Power of Attitude

    I woke up this middle of the nite not knowing why then i realize i need to make use of the time wisely Something dropped on my mind That i il like to talk about… What lies within us… Which is what I called attitude! It is our NATURE, and d picture of our future […] More

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  • No More Tears Have Fallen From My Eyes

      No More Tears Have Fallen From My Eyes       No more tears have fallen from my eyes   I look to Heaven and The Starry skies   To comfort and guide a spirit broken   Destiny takes charge:God has spoken       Bewildered and blessed,now I am free   Sadness fades […] More

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  • Reigning In The Shadows

      Reigning In The Shadows       Sometimes doubts and fears arise   As the shadows of life grow longer   Pity and fear,the light does despise   For the light makes souls stronger   We flounder in the shadows path   Lost in our own dark night   For the darkness later shows […] More

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