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  • Herrand Associates Wealth Management Singapore, Tokyo Japan: How to Restructure Your Investments for Retirement

    Making the money last when it’s time to shift from saving to spending You’ve earned and saved money and now you’re headed into retirement. What could go wrong? Along with a new schedule and opportunities come new questions and challenges, particularly around finances. The most pressing ones are often: “Do I have enough savings to […] More

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  • Its not to meant to happen that way

    He walked into her room, she was standing in a corner, and he glanced at her. She looked like a nicely engraved sculpture; her skin was gold. She smiled at him with her ivory teeth. He walked close to her and looked into her sparkling eyes. His provocative gaze created feeling of love that is […] More

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  • Beside You……

      Lost in your embrace I enter the world of sleep Your heartbeats soothe … my soul Dreams manifest in my closed eyes On the flight to exotic lands I nudge your trusting hand No cares nor any fears touch me ‘Cause they know You’re there Over the mountains diving over to the shores of […] More

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  • Gyanban

    Visible to the world for exactly two minutes and thirty seconds. She would slip back to anonymity for the next 12 hours or so.She had just completed her segment on the weather updates. The same thing she had done for the last five years with the popular news channel DNTV 24/7. Her life revolved around […] More

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    NOTE:- This is a semi-fiction story of displaced persons, lost roots and social upheaval it causes in the lives of people, who had no role to play in human tragedies, engineered by selfish power brokers from religious and political fields. You might have to read PART ONE and PARRT TWO of this serialised story to […] More

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  • The Date

           THE  DATE On  impulse  I  had  asked  Tanima  if  she  would  like  to  go  out  for  some  snacks  or coffee.  After  thinking  for  a  few  seconds,  she  said, “ Okay,  let’s  go  to  “CakesNCream.”  While  I  was  pondering  over  her suggestion, “ CakesNCream  is  not very far  you know – it’s  just […] More

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  • The Untraveled one!

    There are certain paths.. There are certain ways Which you know where it is going to take you… And where its going to end. These paths are of no use, Walking on them goes all in vain. It’s of no benefit walking on such… It doesn’t make a difference in  any way!   You have […] More

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              To me you are stranger Who reside within my heart like an angel Whom I see everyday Meet everyday But just like a stranger About you I know nothing except your name So tell me how I can share With you my smile and tears Being with you I forget […] More

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  • Black hole ….

    Only I can see what you are, only I can know what you wish or desire; for you belong to me. No doubt in my love, no hunger can you tell and no pain will you feel; for I can heel what’s mine to save. Your love to me is a thing I know, maybe […] More

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  • all i have

    n ~ september sighed by my window unfolding you in a thousand promises you came to me in a summer’s dream dressed in shades of sunday sunshine smile like beethoven’s fourth symphony, eyes of a tuscan sun and a heart that could warm four irish winters innumerable nights swayed by in your abscence now all […] More

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  • Blank

    Blank heart speaks by thought. Blank mind is house  of ideas, silence also speaks a lot. let’s today feel the blankness with whole heart. let the paper to be blank, and enjoy the serenity which filled by vacant. More

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  • U Wil Remain In My Heart 4ever

    I couldn’t do anything Except stand there and stare into space Because too much heartache you bring I’d rather you spit in my face   Tonight I found something out Something which I really, really hate And I knew without a doubt That what I did was too little, too late   Sleepless nights will […] More

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