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  • 15 !

    Other than asking ” where will 2011 go and where 2012 will come from and arguing about DOOMSDAY” which won’t come till our presence. i have visited a blog and that blogger had listed his best movies he watched in 2011, so i got COPYRIGHTS from him and now remade it(no dubbing) 😛   Unlike […] More

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    AFFECTION I read an article recently about some people getting irritated with some others open display of affection.My question is when is affection too much?Where do you draw the line? Sometimes,display of love can be spontaneous.At such times,do you hold back not to annoy others and deny the intended recipient?Does place ,time or even type […] More

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  • Yabba DAbba DOoo

    Babysitting is funniest,enjoyable as well as toughest job i ever experienced, my little niece 1.5 years old is the only one i fear within my family, i can even tackle my mom’s decibels but i can’t tackle this minnow, if she cries or shouts there will be 2-4 mouths yelling at me. I have enjoyed […] More

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    I was just trying to add a MUSIC gadget to my blog, should i add Spanish guitar ? or to go with insane Michael Jackson songs ? according to me and in my experience of hearing, Indian music is the best that i have ever encountered, be it Hindi or Tamil, i can’t and you […] More

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  • Blindman’s Post !

    If you ask me why you started blogging ? i will say ” It is an accident “, definitely yes! But after sometime i started using my blog to vent my anger and frustration, one among my anger,agony and frustration over this SOCIETY is EDUCATION !  500 years ago perhaps still ago, there were no […] More

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  • Revolution 2011

    Well, we are about to say a FINAL Bye for the year 2011, which i will call as Year of Turmoil or Year of Revolution, Though 2011 can’t compete for a pinnacle place in history like 1917 for Russian revolution and 1789 for French revolution.  2011 is the year of PROTESTS,  be it ARAB SPRING […] More

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  • 9875643210

    Satellite launchpad countdown, Sachin’s and Ronaldo’s famous jerseys, Fancy bike registration, Age factor, Lump salaries, Mantras, Address, ID cards, Mobile & Telephone, Zodiacs, Election votes(Indi votes), Jail Terms and from everything to anything, right from number of wives to film sequel like SAW 1, SAW 2 etc etc ! What they have in common? NUMBERS, […] More

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  • Dumbest Experiences

    Have you imagined a life without different experiences?   How bad our life would have been if there were no memories for us?Aren’t our experiences in life turning into an old guy as memories?   When life takes a roller-coaster ride we learn to control the ride through our experiences.That’s why we have our grand […] More

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  • Blind Promoters

    Am Sorry, i can’t stop judging people, i have read and i have been told that judging(analyzing) people is a bad thing which everyone does and continues to do, by analyzing a person by hi/her traits we almost waste our valuable time and sadly that time we spent are for hating others(sad) 🙂                   Analyzing […] More

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  • Quite A Film :)

    I am no great in reviewing a film, in my blogging history this is my second film reviewbut surprisingly am a notorious movie watcher, once upon a time in my desktop my memory disk is filled with movies and almost all of them are Hollywood(am not praising myself here) am an anti narcissist 😛 Before […] More

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  • Sapphic

    Dear Appa I know you have dreams for me, I know you have faith in me, I know you have nurtured me, But I want to fly away. I know you have sat beside me, I know you have cried with me, I know you have died with me, But I want to fly away. […] More

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