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  • Unveiling!

    So at last, the mystery is over and the tattoo is out! 🙂 (Well, almost … I have to keep it covered for awhile longer, but at least you can get a first few photos :)) First things first… Where did I have it done:  Tattoo Alchemy, Montclair, by Jason Clay Dunn. Did it hurt?  It’s […] More

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  • A Bird’s Love !

    I can do what I like, For me people are alike. I do love their distinctness, their individuality, But I have my own version of reality.   I can see you in high and low, Often, staring right across the window While I am here right on my tree, Unnoticed, happy and carefree.   And […] More

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  • The grass is always greener

    I read something. Deep, dark and scary. The words had a powerful impact, I was a little high, a  little lost, a  little nonchalant, I am now deep in thoughts and I shall just let them flow. If I do not make sense, it shall be my folly but I trust you to make sense out […] More

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     Neither  scorching  summers  nor  cold  windy winter  mornings  not even  glittering  crystals  of  rainfall  stops  them  to  meet  you  daily  at  the  same  traffic  signal. They come  running  towards  you  as  your  car  come  to  a  halt  at  a  traffic  signal.  Dressed  in  the  shabbiest  clothes, bare  feet  they  peep  inside  your  car  and  bang  your […] More

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  • Book Review – The Kite Runner

    Yesterday I completed reading a book, it was a superb book, a must read. Name of that book is ‘The Kite Runner’, its written by Khaled Hosseini. So today’s post will let you know about that book. Hope you will enjoy it . . . About The Book – Kite Runner Synopsis :   Taking us from […] More

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  • All I Ever Wanted

    All I ever wanted was to be standing next to you While you held my hand in yours And I knew you loved me too.   All I ever wanted was to help you understand What true love really is And hope that you would understand.   All I ever wanted was to find the […] More

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  • Heaven’s Top Model

        she’s heaven’s angel in disguise I ain’t going to lie she don’t have to be bad because she’s heavenly fly lusting her is not my purpose because her love is priceless a man respect what her worth is because she’s one in a million she’s heaven’s top model she’s every young girls inspiration […] More

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  • your kisses

          your kisses are sweet sweet as honey your kisses are so tingling it kinda makes me feel comfy     your kisses are unique they are beyond sweet even more sweet than candy because it brings the love out of me     your kisses are strong because they make my day […] More

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  • Rajini Shouts

    Rajini Shouts!!!!!!! Wonder why Rajini shouts? He shouts on behalf of the Indian consumers, to fight against shoddy products and services in India, any idea what I am talking about! check out this web-comic “http://shoutout.co.in/comic.html“,the developers of “Shoutout” website have developed India’s first Animated scrollable web-comic with Raijinkanth as the mascot where he narrates the […] More

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  • Tumbas Manipis: A Story

      Tumbas Manipis: A story by John A. Bello   THE young man was dumb founded at how he ended up inside the Samurai Health Temple. He was not really inebriated that he would not know what he got into. Just after the drinking session, tumbas manipis, they called it, with his fellow teachers in […] More

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  • That Cut of a Blade !

    An accidental cut,a momentary gush of bloodReassured me that,color of my blood,Is still red ! Somewhere beneath my skin,its flowing effortlessly, smoothly,Without me caring or knowing.running all over inside,Reaching, where it needs to be. Am no selfless warrior,or caring doctor.I’m merely,a morbid mortal.A thankless cynical.living heedlessly,Still surviving onseveral umbilical. I’m in pain,but, happy this time.After […] More

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