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  • Indian Sitcoms : What Works- What doesn’t

    If you are a K Serial tracker, you know the path Sitcoms take. Protagonists meet- get married – eventually separate – and then the Generation Leap. Next Generation – undergoes similar experiences – till 1 day… Now this one day – depends on what the Show TRP’s are. If the show is doing well, then one day […] More

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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it. Happy blogging! Original link More

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  • The Bengal Winter and Monkey Cap ……

    With the city sweating profusely at 40C, for maximum time of the year, majority of the people prefer going half naked and clinging onto the bare-minimum dressing code. Beautiful girls in shorter clothes and slender legs are a pretty sight. However, the same equation doesn’t hold good, for the mid aged dark , awesomely hairy […] More

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  • Remembrance

    The sound of the drumbeat is carried through the branches of the maples that line the streets on which the best of us were raised. The sun bleaches the rooftops that covered their heads and kept our warriors warm and safe throughout winter’s worst. The years have passed, the paint has faded from our walls […] More

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  • IPL Crap

    JUST LIKE THAT – But seriously. BCCI has decided to recognize most valuable player for each IPL Team, since IPL is such a big tournament with so many players involved, it would be unfair just to give purple cap and orange cape for leading run scorer and highest wicket taker opined IPL commissioner Rajeev Shukla. […] More

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  • Open Heart by Emlyn Chand

    The first thing that I want to clarify is that this review maybe a bit biased. I know we, reviewers, are supposed to be unbiased and fair. But in this case I cannot help it. I absolutely loved Farsighted and I am even more partial to Open Heart because it is narrated from Simmi’s point […] More

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  • The Mega Indian Shopping Sale …… Free , Free , Discount , D

    We Indians are nice and humble people, believing in simplicity and virtues of sharing. Though, the subtle violent trait in us often provokes us to burn down a few buses, loot a few shops and occasionally kill a few people. Otherwise, we are nice people caring for each other, offering goodies ranging from food items […] More

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  • What was it?

    Not again. Riya sighed. Aghast. For the past fifteen minutes her bus was stuck at the Sholls signal. The red light turned green and then red again but her bus only moved an inch or so. Luckily she came to the bus stop early and could secure a seat on the left hand side. Else […] More

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  • Love/Affair/Relations/Marriage : No Sheer Luck – Just A Mega Ca

    Before you start racing through another of my offensive article which probably would storm up a mega debate, let me chalk out a few ground rules. It sure makes me feel tremendously happy, orgasmic and ecstatic to see several spontaneous comments flooding every post of mine. Nevertheless it would be appreciated if we could post […] More

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  • Mystery : Twinge or Love ?

    Day in day out , every passage of moment of mine you collaborated or should I say ‘steal away ‘? . A draft of summarize memories each time you leave as a spot of cocoa ; unabashed in my heart. Am all over live in your thoughts .Sometimes sweet sometimes sour that pleases me and somewhere tease […] More

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  • Bhelcome to Dilli

    “This is the last and final call for IndiGo flight no 6E-122 to Delhi. This is the last and final call. Repeat this is the last and final call for IndiGo flight no 6E-122 to Delhi.” I was just sitting in the Coffee Day of the waiting lounge trying to take a sip of a […] More

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      It was a Friday morning! As usual i woke up late at 8.30am. Had nothing interesting to do before so i brushed my teeth after increasing the volume of the music player which played ‘ESCAPE’-the song of ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, a pop singer. Dancing to the tune , i finished my brushing and the house […] More

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