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  • Blog-O-Mania : The Compulsive Blogging Syndrome…

    It’s a disease, to which, the medical system is yet to find a proper cure. A unnatural state of mind , where the victim , seemingly absent-minded  or probably hallucinating , often murmurs to oneself and keeps scribbling into the laptop, in addition to, occasional hand gestures which might be considered objectionable in certain cultures. ‘Blog-o-Mania’ as […] More

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  • spiritual and yogis

    MANTRA, YANTRA, TANTRA (CHAKRA-7)   I never forget my guru even a single day. Every day, while moving to sleep I used to think about my guru even we may be on happy moments, his jeeva Samadhi, which locations will appear in front of my eyes without any disturbance from concentration of mind. Sometimes it […] More

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  • On the other side of reason!

    I could not but resist my temptation to respond to Ms. Arundhati Roy’s article:  The link is attached to an extensive article filled with factual inaccuracies and comparisons between unrelated numbers. A formula done to death. Introduce the reader to the imagery of rich capitalists and their overflowing assets, and then contrast it […] More

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  • Escape

    “Hey handsome!,” came a velvety voice from the street along side the dark Koregaon Park. Vishal reluctantly stopped and looked at her, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. “Where are you sneaking to, handsome?” “Er, nowhere. I’m just passing,” said Vishal. “Better watch out. It’s not safe walking alone this late around here,” the […] More

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  • Fangs

    The banana leaf was fresh and green, on which he was about to taste his favorite dish.  He was just six, looked lean but a cute little chap.    With his sweet little fingers he took his favorite dish then he heard the sound when he was about to eat.  It was a well grown healthy dog, gave […] More

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  • A Lifetime Together…

    A Lifetime Together …     You and me, together as One, A fabric so rustic,and lovingly woven, Stitched at the seams, with threading’s of love, A bonding so strong, that nothing can go wrong, Through good & bad, concreting a bond, Lasting a life long, a commitment so strong,  Like a chorus and verse, […] More

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  • Soak No More!!!

    Sometimes things just don’t look bright,I have the feeling that its not right,chaos all over n i feel low,darkness engulfs me down to the core….but I say to myself – Soak no more!!! darkness will be overthrown by light,things might not change overnight,for every right thing we might have to fightthis might not be the […] More

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  • Celebrating a celebration- Independence Day

    Today is the day of commemorating our independence from the British rule. Yes, today is 15th August, the day we, got freedom from being slaves to the British Kingdom. It is the day where our national flag will be seen flying high in the sky with much joy and happiness around. India turns 65 today. […] More

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  • Important communication about my blog

    Hi Friends, This is always great to get a new home, that too if it is owned by you. Yes, my dear friends, Towers and Shadows has its own domain now. Unfortunately, WordPress charges a lot of money to redirect blogs to a new address and hence, I could not opt for that option. I am writing […] More

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  • Arrange the Love in your Marriage

    “At the touch of Love everyone becomes a poet” – was quoted by Plato and aptly so. Thus I am writing a small poem urging people to guide the wayward heart through a beacon of Love. It doesn’t matter whether the marriage is Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage but what matters is how you row […] More

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  • The Fate

      Rahul sat on the cold slab of platform number two staring at the train in front of him. He had narrated the plan like a million times in his head and wanted to go through it once again. He glanced at the last wagon which bore the inscription “Ladies compartment.” He took a deep […] More

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  • Desert Shadow by Eileen Harris

    With their children were all grown up and settled in their own lives, Louise and Paul Weston had settled down in the high desert just outside Arivaca, Arizona. They had retired and were free to live their lives in their own way. They travelled, pursued their hobbies and were happy with their lives till the […] More

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