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  • Dear Ganeshji

    Dear Ganeshji,   I myself Farida Parveen, from Mumbai. I see you for last 6 days. With big chubby cheeks and round stomach, you so cute. Your laddoo that my friend Ram gave me was very sweet.   I remember seeing you the year before also. I like how you change your clothes this year. […] More

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  • Inertia

    ‘Probably, I couldn’t get it, Pardon, what did you verbalize?’ “Mm… Varun, I don’t realize, Or esoterically, I can’t visualize,” ‘Something’s wrong? Be strong, By the way, what came along?’ “Instinctual instinctive insight, Troubles me, makes me fright, Internally my mind scolds me, Holds me, colds me, enfolds me, It’s shit shark, dead dark, A […] More

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  • Do we live?

    We breathe, we eat, we walk, we laugh, we cry, we feel euphoric, we go through despair, we want people, we want to be alone, we win, we lose, we love, we hate and yes sometimes choose be in between. And thus we survive. But do we live? This question has been hovering around with […] More

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  • Themes of our lives – The Firsts

    ***** The ‘Firsts’ *****   The ‘First’ time you do something, something happens with you, someone becomes special, you achieve a milestone that’ll repeat……and many many more ‘Firsts’ like that, are always special. Period.   Even within these ‘First’s, there are ones that are ‘more special’. Ones that change the course of your life, as you […] More

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  • To The Girl That Giggled

    To The Girl That Giggled: Hey, there squirt. Whoa, whoa, calm down – I know that you must have a lot of questions for me, but you have to be patient. Yes, I know, I became a “grown up”. Or, well, you became a grown up. This time travel thing via letters is really weird. […] More

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  • Helplessness

    There are so many emotions that dwell in me, some come and go, some have a permanent base and some just like to amble around a bit. They make me feel complete and close to being a human being who is flowing and not monotonous. But I dread the coming of one, “Helplessness”. Though it […] More

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  • The Game That Changed Her Life

    Image source : here NightQueen wandered through the plains of Sholazar. She and her allies were looking for some Hyldnir to kill. Night Queen was a level 79 Blood-elf Mage (spell-caster) along with her allies consisting of hunters (ranged weaponry and beast taming), druids (metamorphosis) and rogues (Stealth and melee). She was on the verge […] More

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  • India:A Developing Country Of Rapists

    Rape…as defined by WHO in 2002 -“a physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration-even if slight-of the vulva or anus,using a penis,other body parts or an object”.But what i feel it is not the proper definition since it doesn’t signifies the pain and misery a woman suffers during and even after the incidence.It doesn’t signifies the […] More

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  • A Timeless Relation…

    A TIMELESS RELATION…   Today I am taking time to think, today the words have to be picked up precisely, today perfection is the norm, as today I am writing to someone I can’t disagree with, someone who knows both the spring and autumn of my thoughts, someone from whom nothing is hidden-yet every detail […] More

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  • It’s All Relative

    Today I made another interesting observation – any relationships are very relative. How so one may wonder, well the way I look at it – it is simple. Think about it can you define the terms like friendship, love, beauty, good or bad? All these will differ from one person’s point of view to another’s […] More

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