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  • Stop Hiding Already!

    It is possible to have many interests, pursue them all, and be great at each of them. Sometimes simultaneously. But, it takes focus, hard work, and courage. We live in a world that teaches us to be a society of “one-trick Nellies”, when in fact we are citizens of the universe. The universe is a […] More

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  • The True Nature of Change

    Humanity has always despised change and every now and then they erupt with such rage and violence that simple conscious cannot stand its toll. This all-consuming rage directed at whatever it is that has caused this change upon the delicate society. For over a decade we have been preparing for just another of these great […] More

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  • Meant To Be

    “Are you sure you can walk?” Kevin ask me No. I want you to carry me in your arms, over the threshold, tonight and every day and night after tonight, I think to myself. Aloud I manage a simple “Yes”   The girl sitting next to him seems to relax by my reply. Not because […] More

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  • Identity

    Like a tiny dot – In the vast universe; Sometimes, I struggle for my identity Sometimes, I live on my own.   A spec of dust for some A shining star for a few I am what I am – But, they see me as they want to. More

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  • Respect Your Senior Bloggers…

    Only a writer knows what it takes to write a word. Likhne Wala Hi Janta Hai Lafz Likhne main KYa kayamat Aati Hai Before you read further I think I should tell you the reason that why I’m writing this post. I often read posts written under the title “writer’s block” or similar like this. […] More

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  • are you there?

    Whenever i come across a couple or a person having a crush on someone else, I all of a sudden think of only one thing…is it somewhere made for me too? Am I also someone’s crush? Does someone else longs to have me? Is someone else too waiting for me? I know, at a an […] More

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  • Heartache

    You make me feel special In a blink of an eye You make me feel magic I forget who am I…   When I am without you however, I think of someone else Even if he is in a relationship, Somewhere, I feel like my heart belongs to him   I feel like one day […] More

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  • PAPA !!! Ak Scam To karo na Please !!!

    I heard this from one of my friend since kejriwal is exposing too much Mahesh Bhatt is planning to take him in his movies. I wonder how Mr. Arvind would look like in a song similar to “kaho na kaho” of murder. Ok let’s come to the point straight away after the last press conference […] More

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  • Tall , Fair And Handsome…

    “Tall, Dark and Handsome” …If that’s how it goes, I wonder, why we have Men’s beauty products such as “Fair and Handsome”? Tall and dark isn’t handsome anymore, if the evolving metrosexual trend among men are to be considered.  You might be a top shot corporate guy or a scientist designing the next Space project […] More

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  • Seven Days to Love

    It was not supposed to rain. It was summer. She was not supposed to fall in love. She was practical. She hated the rains. People did not believe her when she told them so. Typically, girls were supposed to love rains. But she was different. She always believed she was different. Life … fate … whatever you […] More

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  • Appearances can deceive

    Life is quite queer, strange and unpredictable in many ways; an oft quoted, discussed and debated statement. Many before me have done a lot of pensive thinking on this statement. Yet, the common man usually fails to understand the gravity of this statement in their everyday lives. Shortage of time is the usual excuse we give to ourselves and to those around […] More

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  • Teach people how to treat you

      Many times I feel why I have allowed someone to treat me that way? Why am I letting it happen that way and be tolerant?    Just like me I guess many people do think, I heard people saying that “people use me, take advantage of me”, they are taken for granted and get […] More

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