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  • A funny kitchen story of Chole bature

    Chole Bature Fiasco – A Laughing Riot                  My wife is a super specialist Chole Bature maker. Her art is so much recognized mutually that almost 100 % of our guest had Chole-Bature for dinner invites. If they are non-vegetarians they get to taste my dam biriyani else its […] More

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  • In-Flight Announcement

      Good Afternoon two lovely passengers,   I’m delighted to welcome you aboard Muslim Wedding Flight 24×7 with service from Parental to In-Laws Abode. My name is Fayaz Pasha and I’m your In-flight Service Director. Your cabin crew (parents, relatives, friends & neighbors) are here to ensure that you have an enjoyable flight. We are currently second […] More

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  • 9.10 ki Train…

    मेरे घर के आगे एक ट्रेन का स्टेशन हैमैं हर रोज़ 9.10 की ट्रेन पकड़ता हूँआज भी आया स्टेशन में मैंपर शायद थोडा late हो गया स्टेशन में रोज़मर्रा के मुसाफिर मुझे आज नहीं दिखेशायद छुट्टी पर थे स्टेशन मास्टर कुछ announcement कर रहा थापर मेरा ध्यान दूर पटरी पे था रोज़ 9.10 के आस […] More

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  • Success Vs Joy – A Book Review

    Success – that seductive mistress after whom everyone (well, almost everyone) runs – is a parameter by which society measures the worth of individuals. Success is thought of as the panacea of all ills afflicting us. We think success is the missing piece in life’s jigsaw puzzle and putting this piece in place will reveal […] More

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  • Time

    Time is the most intriguing of all the four dimensions. It is the creator of emotions and the nemesis of all evil. Time possesses the power of the universe without you ever recognizing it. But you’ll must realize one thing. Even though it can never be felt, Time is the one which provides us with […] More

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  • The Season of Rain.

      Once the earth bled, red and green.Time saw this and only smiled.Why your happiness feed upon my blood,Asked the bled earth,and Time winked.   I am witness to your fouls and love,Love you poured on your sons,And fouls they gave you.Yet you ask me why I smile,I smile as I ever did, and you […] More

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  • Nicht Spirite

    In the 14th century  a word was used, the middle English conversasacioun, from the Anglo- French conversacion, from Latin conversation- conversation, from conversari that meant to associate with,  to turn around. How apt, thats all I can call what happened  I don’t know when except that I was under pethidine  stupor for three days,  Corridors […] More

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  • Open letter to Tarantino.

    *No spoilers* (For satirical purposes, maybe?) Sup? I’ll make this short. First off, thanks man. Django didn’t disappoint me like Nolan’s TDKR. Your movies are essentially a bloodbath with an epic soundtrack. I’m not complaining, but you need balls to make absurdity look cool. Also, you need balls to use a rap song in a […] More

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  • When you say “She is Just not that into me”- I know why

    My friend was all geared for his First Date with his “special someone”.  His preparations started a week before and on the BIG DAY … ,I see him sporting an Arrow Shirt and LP Trousers and as if they weren’t impressive enough an hour before the fixed time he mercilessly swiped for  Bellucci Shoes and […] More

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  • Little to celebrate about

    /  January 26th 2013 is history, the annual republic day parade over. I don’t know if there was a presidential address, or a prime-minister’s talk, the ‘P’in both cases is deliberate, the offices have lost their sanctity. At our toastmasters meet the theme was Republic day what the Toastmaster of the day threw out introductions […] More

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  • Mah compellin’motivation

    Mah compellin’motivation. Plinky claims we all have obsessions, what am I obsessed with and why? Whew! What is my persistant disturbing precaution with an often unreasonable idea and feeling,  ie what is my compelling motivation? One’s compelling motivation, a jolly good show old bean how does one tackle this. I wish I had one, somewhere […] More

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