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  • A Confession …!!!

           Before I go into the story at hand I would like to ask everybody…How do you look up to someone who confesses you something that’s confined in his/her heart for a long time?  Would you be angry on a genuine confessor for confessing in public or would you be proud that yes […] More

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  • Deadly TRAP..!!!

    I walked down the same lane not knowing why againThe memories of my past hugged  me with its open arms,The debris i carried for long made its toll heavy on meFinally i gave in,looked around for a while.The sun was about to hide behind the horizonmaking way for darkness to spread all over,The daggers of […] More

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  • CouponDesh- A one stop towards all your savings

    Why people go crazy for Discount Coupons? Whether you are a frequent online shopper or a newbie in this field, everyone feels the same when they heard about shopping coupons or discount coupons. Savings is something that we all love to do and coupons are the quickest and easiest way to save money. With economic […] More

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  • The Curse -II

    The day , i knew everything started with a smile for me…when i was getting ready..eager to know the solutions to all my problems …the way out of the hell….i had experienced.. I, in front of him…just started with my description of my sufferings…he just told me..to chill…..they are just my illusions…he used to take note […] More

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  • AA thodi life chura lein

    आ ज़िन्दगी के झमेलों से थोड़ी  life चुरा लें। बिखर गयी थी जो खुशियाँ उन्हें फिर से सिमटा लें। आ लेटें उसी पेड़ की छाव में,चल पड़ोस वाले बगीचे से आम चुरा लें। बिखर गये थे जो ताश के पत्ते उन्हें समेट कर फिर से घर बनाते हैं। आ  चल इस ज़िन्दगी को फिर से […] More

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  • Imp Shades of Society!!

    As I write this, India would have indigenously developed the cruise missile, India would have signed the defence treaty with Russia, Kamal Hassan would have reached to compromise with Muslim groups to release his movie, Rahul Gandhi would have taken the seat as VP of the Congress, cricket players would have been auctioned for IPL, […] More

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  • Friends you have will give you a reflection of who you are

    When I was young and dint understand enough I always thought that people around me were all fixed like my classes were in school. My parents would tell me this is your granny, this is your uncle, your dada,nana,chacha…and the list was never ending and all their behaviours towards me would be Good,better best based […] More

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    THE FRIEND OF MY LIFE   Apart from my mom, at that tender age of 13, X. was my best friend. She still reminds me of the uncorrupted innocence of childhood. Witty, feisty and equipped with a rare sense of humour, she always managed to put up a smile in my face which lacked expression. […] More

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  • हमने जो की थी मोह्हबत आज भी है

    हमने  जो  की  थी  मोह्हबत  आज  भी  है तेरी जुल्फों के साये  की  चाहत  आज  भी  है तुझमे सिमट जाने की चाहत आज भी  है आज भी रातें कटती  है खयालो  में  तेरे   दीवानों  सी  वो   मेरी  हालत  आज  भी  है चाह  के एक  बार  फिर  छोड़  देना  तू दिल छोड़  तुझे  जाने  की […] More

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  • You Never Know

    1. He could see red. It was more like vermillion. Something shone bright. It felt like he was staring into the sun. His eyes cautiously half-opened, only to see sunshine easing its way in through as Nupa raised the blinds and grinned that grin he remembered from the first time he saw her. His feeling […] More

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  • If Only

    Mr. Eric Arildson looked at his watch and sighed. It was 9 o clock. He was late, by his standards. He liked arriving ten minutes earlier, on important occasions. This was the most important of all such conventions he’d been in. In the next one hour he’d meet one of the most influential men in […] More

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