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  • changes could be fun :)

    there was a time when just the thought that i have to use linux…makes my head go round and round. i used to think who the hell uses something like command-lin e. i am using computer since…mmm…around 12 years…and all these times window is holding hands with its so called friend…cmd(command line) but who the […] More

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  • Bipolar Disorder

    A school friend connects with me after almost 22 years. I am shocked. The girl I knew was a happy –go-lucky person who lived life to the fullest. This woman was a shadow of that girl. I could see a few shades of her old self here and there but the life had gone out […] More

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  • Amarna Capital Of Heretic Pharaoh -1

    Amarna Capital Of Heretic Pharaoh -1   It was a dazzling moment in Egypt’s history when Akhenaten ordered the worship of a single deity – the Aten, or Disc of the Sun. but the old gods took revenge through his successors, who buried the heart of his city beneath a sea of cement. The religion […] More

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  • Insane consumption of beverages

    Insane Consumption of Beverages Cardamom tea, Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Badam milk, Lemon tea, Bourn vita, Horlicks and many more!!!!! What z the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the above list.Iguess for most of them it would be the beverage vending machines in thier office. Just trycalculating how many gallons(bit exaggerating […] More

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  • Insane

    Drenched in summer sunshine Burnt in incessant monsoon rain Obscured by transparent wall of glass Picking age-old wounds to enjoy pain Running away from silent cacophony Befriending madmen to stay a bit sane Tending storm stuck honeysuckles Yet kept collecting disdain Cocooned in love I laugh through my tears Gracias a Dios for keeping me […] More

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  • United??

    Hindu,Muslim,Sikh,Christanity,Bhuddhist and Jains,these are the religion which prevails the planet(Of course there are some more tribes and followers of some other belief…it is just a crude analysis).Considering Hindus only,there are various kind of Hindus,in fact every state in India has its own kind of Hindus.Then there are further classifications like thakur,rajput,vaishyas etc. etc.Then there are […] More

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  • Mom, I still love you !!! – Part 1

    Sarah sat on the rocking chair kept in her father’s bedroom staring at the huge portrait of her father and mother. Rajeev Kurien stood in a black suit and Jenny Kurien sat on a chair beside him. There was a slight smile on Jenny’s face and Rajeev’s face was lit up as the portrait was […] More

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  • Sufi

    Sufi hue se firte holagta hai ishq kisi se krte hotabiyat milti nahi zamaane sePhir bhi hath milate chalte ho… sufi hue se firte ho…lagta hai ishq kisi se krte ho… sawaalo se bachte rahte hosher o ghazalon me khulte hohoth seene se kya faaydatum mohabbat me ho, dikhte ho Sufi hue se firte ho….Lagta […] More

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  • Book Review – Tantra by Adi

    In the recent years Indian literature has been introduced to various new genres; but a ‘vampire’ book in India is something that I haven’t really seen. Adi gifts Indian literature a new age vampire story, but the how well he does it is where the question lies. Tantra takes us on a journey through the […] More

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  • कब होगें अपने मूल्क के

    कब होगें अपने मूल्क के सिंध या फिर पाकिस्तान में बचे हूऐ हिंदु ऐक ऐसे चकर्वियूं में फस चूके हैं जिस से निजाद पाना इतना भी आसान नहीं हैं जैसे भारत में आम तोर से समझा जाता रहा हैं। हमारी पिड्ही जिसने कभी भी सिंध नही देखा, सिंध या पाकिस्तान में हिंदुओ के समक्ष नहीं […] More

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  • শ্রদ্ধাঞ্জলি

    To write about a person about whom everything good has already been written is not exactly my cup of tea. I, undeniably, get influenced by all those good view points and do not seem to add anything new to the already welled up ocean. But when the ocean is as big as Tagore, every individual […] More

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