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  • A fantastic Trip to OOTY (Queen of Hills)

    Me and Praveen was planning from last 6-8 months to go anywhere for outing, some relaxation from works, pressure, tensions. but every time we had to cancel our plan because of work. then we plan for Ooty trip we taken ticket before 1 week ago with Rajesh, KM, Kiran, but we was not sure we’ll […] More

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  • Best Honeymoon Packages in India

    India is one of the most honeymoon enticing destinations which have captured the attention of every nuptial paradise seekers worldwide. Honeymoon in India are quite impressive and enjoyable beyond words. The country with the bountiful wealth of nature and diverse tradition forms one of the most amazing paradise destinations of the world offering myriad attraction […] More

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  • Bone Factory

    It was dark monsoon season in Burdwan(West Bengal, India) and it was raining heavily. There was a small village of fisherman and farmers in Burdwan district. All villagers were inside their houses, resting and preparing for the night. Nobody was wandering on the road but for a few people who just closed their shops for […] More

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  • HR Menace

      If ever in life, your self confidence has been shattered in a fraction of a second OR you have questioned the purpose of your existence OR you’ve lost all the hope in life, then…. you are ‘the chosen one’!(Brownie points for all those who thought, this paragraph made no sense. ) You are the […] More

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  • Epic Encounter

        With a bag of vegetables in one hand, an umbrella in the other, lashing rains on my brain, not only did I think my life couldn’t get more chaotic but  I wondered as to why I am moving around with my cell phone stuck between my chin and neck, instead of putting it […] More

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  • Honeymoon Resorts

    Nestled amidst the scenic galleries of nature, the Indian resorts are mostly located in the spectacular view of the magnificent mountains and breathtaking valleys. India held with the fabulous wealth of enchanting sceneries with regal galleries that majestically stand to tell the saga of an opulent era gone by gives one of the most impressive […] More

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  • Set Your Gaze On High

    When you have a dream you want to see come true you have to focus all your energy into seeing it come true.  I put everything on the line towards the goal of becoming a Teacher and I reached that goal in record time.  Unfortunately, achieving one goal doesn’t necessitate the promise of another, for […] More

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  • Privileged? Who me?

    I sat in my air-conditioned carFancy as you pleaseStaring out the windowImagining what would be on my faceA mellow, soothing breeze   Then up alongside comes a cabbieAll hot and sweaty and grimyHe notices my vacant gazeAnd summoning up all the arsenal his throat possessesSpits out his window, the goo down his door leaving its […] More

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  • The Journey of Life

    In the exasperated journey,Right from its inception,Countless problems- innate and provoked,Keeps piling and piling. As you look beyond,Seeking help- medicine to the wounded heart,You realise your relinquished search has no ends,Far from true. What you fail to see is someone just close,Someone who has always been by your side,Cherishing your smile and putting up with […] More

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  • Wet Moon – Monsoon Memories

    It started with a tiny drop And then it started to pour But we wanted to see each other Temptation striking the core   In the pouring torrent I reached the place all wet Sitting there waiting for you In the wonderful romantic set   You arrived five minutes later Soaking wet but smiling wide […] More

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    “Twenty years down the line,you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do .So throw off the bow lines ,sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.Explore,Dream,Discover”                                      […] More

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  • Awww!! Darling you look Stunning….

    DISCLAIMER: While this assumption is based upon generality…there r always exceptions to it so if u don’t like it..think u are an exception ,now continue reading!! “Awwww!! Darling u look stunning!!” , was the comment by a girl on a freshly uploaded pic of one female friend of mine that actually inspired me to come […] More

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